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Full Version: Curious about the Internet doesn't allow the word "[H]ell
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I have noticed lately (a few weeks) that the word "[h]ell" (h-e-l-l)  now appears as  "@#!*% " in the Internet.  How did this happen?  Seems like a start on the takeover of the Internet by the secularists?  The word "[h]ell" in my website or in my blogs have suddenly appeared as "@#!*% " for no reason and I certainly did not make the change.   I have noticed that to here in the forum.  Probably a new test on censorship?

Notice that I placed "h" in brackets so the whole word is read as such and not some gibberish as @#!*%  (mostly reserved as an epitaph: "blankety-blank-blank").
Hell! I hadn't noticed that! LOL

eta works fine for me.
Did some setting in your browser get messed up?

what the hell?
Are you using a phone to post?  I know another person who had problems with stuff like this when posting from a phone.
I'm trying to figure out if it's my Windows 7 (Ultimate version) re-doing the "spelling."    That's my suspicion right now if this isn't happening to most or all of you.  Be back with some answers later.
Heck, you're right.  Shocked

Testing, hell

Test two Hell
I found it in the "parental control" section of my Anti-virus/firewall program.  The word "hell" (one of a few) is "masked" and spelled @#!*%.  My daughter, our youngest still living with us won't have to see the word but I believe she should because it is real and is one place she is reminded to avoid at all costs.