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Full Version: Protest blasphemy against the Blessed Virgin Mary!
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Hi, everyone!

A horrible play which degrades Our Blessed Mother’s virginity has raised its Satanic head again. How they hate our dear Mother!

So, I signed an important E-protest to the Blumenthal Performing Arts center in Charlotte, North Carolina asking them to cancel the blasphemous play The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told”.

According to my friends at America Needs Fatima, “Press reports say The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told portrays to Our Lady as a lesbian. It presents a homosexual version of the Old Testament, with scenes of “Adam and Steve” in full frontal nudity. According to The New York Times, the playwright himself is a homosexual, and this is how he describes his play: “I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park, and Mary as a lesbian mother, which would certainly help me comprehend immaculate conception.” (The New York Times, 12/6/98)

If enough of us do our duty to God and our holy Faith, we can get them to cancel this terribly offensive “entertainment”. Please consider joining me and thousands of Catholics in this E-protest.

Sign petition to stop this blasphemous campaign.

Let’s pray for our country.

God bless you!

I'm signing it.
These demons are relentless against Her............................
[Image: our-lady-of-fatima-11.jpg]
By the way I am amember of TFP.
Signed. I guess Don Quixote can't be everywhere . . .
Signed.  It is truly evil to insult the Virgin Mary and the callous acceptance of this is demonstrative of our society's deeply disoriented circumstances.

The website also has good prayers for reparation.
Here is a response from the venue owner:

Quote:Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”  This show is a production of Queen City Theater Company which has rented one of our venues to present it.  They are solely responsible for the selection of this production and its content.  Should you wish to write to them, their address is:

Queen City Theater Company
3657 Melrose Cottage Dr.
Matthews, NC 28105
Someone remind me why we're not supposed to petrol bomb this theatre?
I wonder if this theater would allow me to have a production where I portray Mohammad as the pedophile he was?

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