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Full Version: Traditional Catholicism growing rapidly in Poland
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( The apostlate of the Society of St. Pius X is growing "surprisingly fast" even for the conditions of the Society.

This was written by the District Superior for East Europe, Fr. Karl Stehlin in his Christmas letter.

The Society can only devote twelve priests in eastern Europe.  Actually, the present pastoral work would require thirty priests -- so says Father Stehlin.
I'm not Polish but it warms my heart. I have a great affinity for them, fighting foreign invaders and sticking up for the Faith. They're like the Irish of the east (well, the way the Irish were).

Thanks for posting it.
Before this crisis many Poles emigrated to Ireland. The Irish were beginning to resent them. Maybe they'll help the Irish come back.

What kind of constitution do the Poles have?  Anything like Hungary's?
Sorta ironic this, given that Poland is the native land of that Modernist, John Paul II.
(02-03-2012, 06:26 PM)Jacob Wrote: [ -> ]What kind of constitution do the Poles have?  Anything like Hungary's?

Not as strict I believe, in fact nowhere near as strict.
The Poles in Ireland tend to be young and quite secular. Mass attendance among them is pretty low, lower than among the natives. But this is good news nonetheless.