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Full Version: Fr. Rodriguez, El Paso KVIA
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Here's a TV interview of Fr. Rodriguez, on the issues surrounding him. I know how to do yoytube but not this kind of video. This priest is Orthodox.  He's  Papabili. I'll plug in the address.

This story makes me sick, but is in line with prophesies. 

Viva Crista Rey
The reporters line of questions are so pathetic.  So is that camera work.
Tim, did you mean to write youtube or goytube?
Disregarding production values, is this priest the best, or what ?  Of course we've had a few go down in flames in the last year.

Here are part 2 and part 3.

Fr. Rodriguez is going to be the chaplain of the Remnant's Chartres pilgrimage this year.
(02-04-2012, 01:14 AM)charlesh Wrote: [ -> ]Tim, did you mean to write youtube or goytube?

I certainly didn't mean yoytube. Hehehe I have no typing skills, whatsoever. Sisyer Rose Miriam would've made me write on the chalk board 1000x " I mispelled youtube". Sister Rose Miriam was also known as the "Tiger's tooth".