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Full Version: Sexagesima HHS Sermons
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This is anecdotal, but did your priest preach about HHS unjust laws.  Fr. Austin at Christ the King in Sarasota did, and I'm going to check EWTN in an hour to see what they say. I'm checking the Sunday morning talking heads on ABC, NBC, and Fox, they all seem to have pushed it back a bit, but have a little to say. New Advent had several articles yesterday,many pretty good. I'm trying to see if this has legs. I don't think our Bishops will back down, but the Libs and Progressives are pushing back with their mantra of women's health issues.  There have been some unexpected bright rays of light in the usually dark liberalosphere, EJ Dionne comes to mind. This morning a bright shaft of light came from Donna Brazil, a Liberal Democrat stragetist. She did not equivocate, when speaking about this law contradicting Catholic teaching, she said she could hear her mother saying "sex is for procreation not recreation". Thank God for Ma. Of course as the discussion turned to the liberal slant of women's health, she strode the fence very well, saying it is against teachig, and she doesn't approve, but it should be there for women that do, leaving the Church off the hook, but how it is payed for floating in the air. Not bad for a stone Liberal. I really think our Bishops will fight against this law. The thing I worry about is those Catholics which don't care. Obama can use these Catholics as a foil especially if they have Catholic in their name. The Bishops may have to excommunicate a whole bunch of these birds.

Unfortunately E.J. Dionne has praised Obama's "accommodation." I don't think Cardinal Dolan is going to give up on this.  He learned a lot from the gay marriage debacle in New York, and it seems as he was the architect of this whole response (which just goes to show you what one good bishop can do).  Unfortunately, Obama's accommodation will probobly pick up most liberal Catholics, and probobly some liberal bishops.  It was great to have three weeks where Catholics, from trads to progressives, were united against this, but those days are over.  However, it looks like Dolan and most of the bishops is going to keep fighting and all 4 of the GOP candidates have embraced the Church's position. I do think this will have legs.  Obamacare is very unpopular and this action just proves to people their worst fears about it (even if they are fine with birth control). One benefit about this whole fiasco is that we're beginning to have a national discussion...on birth control!

And every parish in my dioceses had a letter read from the bishop condemning the HHS mandate.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was excommunicated 4 years ago by Archbishop Joseph Naumann. 
It's a shame EJ waffled. I checked EWTN and no nothing today at Mass. I'm hoping that after the Bishps letters were read last week the priests would keep this on the front burner. Fr. Austin was very clever in his homily, speaking of this unjust law, and recalling how weak the field of candidates are, but pointing to a short old fellow that was the only one speaking the truth saying, your money was worthless, and then saying, Amen, he receeded to complete Mass. I chuckled. He was close to losing his tax exempt status for an endorsement. But had it been St. Sabina or Operation Push everyone would look away including the IRS. It's available on line.

Yes, Fr. Altier talked about it and he said Thanks be to God that the bishops have more or less unanimously been obstinate to it.  He said in his lifetime he has never seen the bishops take a stand on anything.  He thinks this is the start of something big.  I think it may very well be a start of a split in the Church, trimming some of the real fat off- still a lot left, but still.
After the reading of the Last Gospel our priest Fr. Schorp reminded the congregation that this was an affront against the first amendment and that something to the effect that this is the doing of our common enemy the devil.  he also said that we are to pray for not the conversion of Russia but the conversion of the united states and we all kneeled for the leonine prayers.

That was a summary of his speech it was very moving and dramatic to me because I've never seen something like that before. 
My priest mentioned it, saying that it went against the social teaching of the church and religious liberty, as well as saying that there had been a letter from the bishop to be read at all of the Masses, but that it was now being revised. Then he read an exerpt from the newspaper, and then went on to the homily. I just read the unrevised letter on the diocese's website, and it summarizes and opposes the situation very well. :)
Although our priest didn't really talk so much about the mandate itself, more the implications of having a head butting contest between bishops and politicians, I would much like to see the emphasis against HHS pertaining to Church teaching first, American teaching second.  I think atm the emphasis is far too balanced, and at times even weighed more towards how this is against the constitution as opposed to being contrary to natural and divine law.  But we won't go making the perfect the enemy of the good, as long as the bishops are steadfast against this mandate I'll keep my griping about it to a minimum.
The priest had a sermon on it, too, somehow tying it to the Epistle readings for today.
We were told to consider the tough life of St. Paul, that he was challenged to an extremely high degree (far more than boot camp on Paris Island.)  Father then reminded us of the situation regarding HHS, that this was by no means different than last week, and that no matter the outcome of November, the policy is not going to change in all likelihood.

Father went through the Gospel, that there is the Sower, Seed, and Soil that each of us need to consider.

Washington, DC has become the capital of the 'anti-Church' (a sort of anti-Sower) and we have to prepare accordingly for measures against us.
Trad Cath Youth if that was the TLM and S. Pau's Epistle to the Corinthians your Priest is a very nimble thinker. Let's hope we stay united against this threat. This would be a very good lesson for all of the politicos; don't push Catholics around they will bite back."

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