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Full Version: Blessed Karl of Austria
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Does anybody know anything about Karl of Austria's canonization? How it's going? If there's a reported third miracle? If there is any place to go check on that sort of thing?
Blessed Karl was my youngest daughter's 'God Grandfather' since his son, HIRH the Archduke Otto (+4 July 2011, R+I+P), was her godfather. Bl. Karl's cause is advancing.

From Wikipedia:

Quote:Recent milestones
On 14 April 2003, the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints in the presence of Pope John Paul II, promulgated Charles of Austria's "heroic virtues, and he thereby acquired the title of venerable.
On 21 December 2003, the Congregation certified, on the basis of three expert medical opinions, that a miracle in 1960 occurred through the intercession of Charles. The miracle attributed to Charles was the scientifically-inexplicable healing of a Brazilian nun with debilitating varicose veins; she was able to get out of bed after she prayed for his beatification.
On 3 October 2004, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II. The Pope also declared 21 October, the date of Charles' marriage in 1911 to Princess Zita, as Charles' feast day. The beatification has caused controversy because of the mistaken belief that Charles authorized the Austro-Hungarian Army's use of poison gas during World War I,[15] when in fact he was the first, and only, world leader during the war who banned its use.
On 31 January 2008, a Church tribunal, after a 16-month investigation, formally recognized a second miracle attributed to Charles I (required for his Canonization as a Saint in the Catholic Church); in an uncommon twist, the Florida woman claiming the miracle cure is not Catholic, but Baptist. However, due to her experiences, she converted to Catholicism soon thereafter.[16][17][18]

And the Official (English language) Site for his Canonisation:
Thank you so much!  Mr is technically a Baron of the Empire, and he feels a strong loyalty to the Habsburgs.
Blessed Karl's feast day is on my birthday!  No wonder I like him so much!  Grin

Thank you for the the information, Jovan!
My parish has a Solemn Mass for him every year and one of his descendents comes to speak about the canonization process. It was very stirring but I can't remember how advance his cause is right now.
There is a great book about Charles and Zita, 'A Heart for Europe' by Joanna Bogle. But no merntion of his beatification etc.

Really, the cynical treatment of Charles and the Austrio-Hungarian Empire by Western 'neighbours' (I mean both Brits and Prussia) as it faced off against Bolshevik subversion was a turning point in history. Foretold in Fatima. As Catholic Austria was pulled down at the centre thus began the unpinning of the fabric of Europe's identity as 'Christendom'.

But Charles, firm Catholic and patriot though he was, was also a beacon of stoicism, humility and sensitivity throughout it all.