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Full Version: Interfaith Verbum Domini Exhibit @ the Vatican
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Verbum Domini Exhibit, Vatican City*

Feb. 29

   Press briefing discussing how this interfaith exhibit is designed to illustrate the historical connection between faith traditions and extend the Pope's vision of a renewed passion among all people of faith for reading and meditating on God's Word. Representatives are expected from the Vatican; Vatican Library; Vatican Museum; Protestant; Jewish and Greek Orthodox faiths; The Green Collection; and American Bible Society

   Media-only, behind-the-scenes tour of Verbum Domini led by The Green Collection Founder Steve Green and ancient/medieval manuscripts expert/The Green Collection Director Dr. Scott Carroll

   Private reception at the Paul VI Auditorium Hall in Vatican City to celebrate the exhibit's inauguration; Cardinal Farina, Archivist of the Vatican Secret Archives and Librarian of the Vatican Library, other Roman Catholic dignitaries and Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish representatives are scheduled to attend.

March 1

   "Man on the street" interview opportunities with members of the public who attend the March 1 exhibit opening

   Private bus tour of Rome led by the "Indiana Jones" of biblical antiquities, Dr. Scott Carroll. Tour includes a sneak peek at private items in the Vatican Library as well as a roundtable lunch with Jewish, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant clergy, scholars and experts discussing Bible engagement, research and preservation in the 21st century

March 2

   Tour of Lux in arcana – The Vatican Secret Archives reveals itself at Capitoline Museums in Rome. Be one of the first to see some 100 original documents, preserved for 400 years in the Pope's Archive. Leaving the confines of the Vatican City walls for the first time in history and on display March – September 2012, this rare collection of ciphered letters, manuscripts, codices and ancient parchments details Conclaves, heresies, popes and emperors, Crusades and excommunications

   Reception and lecture sponsored by the Pontifical Biblical Institute, featuring lectures from the institute's Rev. Dr. Jose Maria ABREGO DE LACY, SJ, David Lyle Jeffrey of Baylor University, Gordon Campbell of University of Leicester and Andrew Atherstone of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Additional advance and on-site media opportunities include:
The Green Collection

   Why would a national retailer combine his fortune with his faith? Talk with Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, the world's largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer , about his passion for enabling people of all interests to experience the creation of the book that has altered history, shaped cultures, inspired minds and changed his life. Hear why he devotes a large portion of his time and resources to this endeavor.

   Profile Dr. Scott Carroll, the "Indiana Jones" of biblical antiquities , who has scoured the world over - from the hallowed halls of Cambridge to the remotest parts of inner China - to assemble a collection that USA Today has called "a sampler of Jewish, Roman Catholic and Protestant treasures" (April 3, 2011).

   Speak with Dr. Jerry Pattengale, director of the Green Scholars Initiative , about this unorthodox program that breaks typical academic protocol by pairing established academics with rising young scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research on items in The Green Collection - including some 20 items displayed at Verbum Domini - at some 30 universities and seminaries throughout the world.

   Visit a Green Scholars Initiative project at a US college or seminary to see how established scholars are leading undergraduate and seminary students in hands-on research on some of the world's unpublished biblical treasures.

National Bible Museum

   Talk with Steve Green and Dr. Scott Carroll about the quest to find a permanent home to enable visitors to experience The Green Collection year-round through a non-sectarian, scholarly approach to the Bible.

The coordinator mentions it is a look at how the bible has "progressed"