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Full Version: Thought this post was great (OP by Blestwith8)
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I thought this post was great and deserved to be reposted here. (hope that's okay)
I felt that this post by 'Blestwith8' was just to good to sit in the  'Apologetics and Questions about Traditional Catholicism'  section of the form, since that section is read by half the number of members as this one. I thought it was worth reposting it here so that the rest of the tank could appreciate it.
I don't know about you but this really spoke to me. Enjoy!  :)

Blestwith8 wrote:

To say I am struggling with the post V2 church and the NO Mass is a gross understatement. I recently wrote a blog post and I am copying and pasting it here for others to read and weigh in on.

I want my Church back.

I want to walk into a Church and not have to search for The Blessed Sacrament that has been relegated to a side room. Really! Jesus in a side room?

I want to see statues behind the Altar. Statues of whatever Saint that Church is named for. Statues of our Blessed Mother, several of them. The Holy Family, The Infant of Prague etc.  I want my Catholic Church to look like a Catholic  Church. Many still do,but only because they were built before 1970.

I want my Church back-

Where people dressed like they are going to see Jesus, like He was ACTUALLY there and again not relegated to a side room. Hats I want to see a sea of hats and veils on every female in Mass.  Obedience =Freedom. Rebellion=Oppression
Dresses, skirts, and appropriate clothing on said females. Suits and ties on men, or that particular persons VERY BEST. No more jeans and college T's, or rapper T's or T's period. No more Britteny Spears wanna be outfits on teen girls and baggy pants and skull T's on Teen Boys. WHAT? you say A Dress Code? YUP!  For one stinking hour a week would it really kill people to look decent.  Funny most Black Churches have stayed faithful to this and you never hear how oppressed they feel  because the men were in ties and the women had hats and dresses on. They take pride (not the sinful kind) in how they dress for Church.

I want my Church Back-

I want a good faithful Pastor, that stays true to the teaching of The Church.

Not some liberal Protestant wannabe, not some nascent people pleasing puppet. I want a REAL PRIEST who is also a REAL MAN. I can name 3 right now. I won't. Why can't I name more?

I want Sisters. Sisters who look like Sisters i.e. Missionaries of Charity, Mary Mother of the Church Sisters.  No Feminazis that want to be Priests and fight against the only Church that truly values and respects women and always has. The day the Church ordains a woman, or marries a homosexual couple, or condones any form of artificial birth control is the day I walk.

I want to NEVER see a woman on the altar in any capacity during Mass. EVER! That includes Altar girls.  What the heck are we doing calling them Acolytes? That is what the Anglicans call them. Uhm we are Catholic and they are Altar Boys, because serving may lead to a vocation to a religious life. Never, not once growing up did I have the desire to be an Altar Boy even though all 4 of my brothers were.

I want my Church Back-

I want altar railings,. Shouldn't we kneel before during and after we receive Jesus?  I want  quiet reverence immediately before and all during Mass. This is not a cocktail party, not in any way is it time to visit with anyone. I learned that at a very young age by having my earlobe pinched by my Mother because, I love to talk.  If I saw a friend at Mass I wanted to say hi and being 7 I was kind of impulsive. But I had that under control by  age 9,  the lady I sat next to in Mass had a way of reminding me. Others may have thought she was putting her arm around my shoulder. HA! She was teaching me how to behave in Mass. More often than not one of her "looks" would suffice in keeping myself and my hooligan brothers in place during Mass.

I want my Church Back-

I want good strong Holy Bishops. We may have a few now, but most are liberal knuckleheads leftover from the gone-too-far-after-V2 generation.  If not Liberal just not strong enough in their personal convictions to fight the garbage that is constantly being thrown at the Church and no spine to take a strong public stance.

If the readers of this think I am some nut case extremist. Nothing I said here would even have been a thought before and shortly following V2.  This was the Catholic Church.  All the above existed in EVERY Catholic Parish EVERYWHERE!  Catholic Churches looked like Catholic Churches. Nuns looked Nuns, Priests looked and acted like Priests. Bishops were no nonsense. Church was  a place we revered. Mass was a privilege not a right and the Eucharist was what carried us through until the next Sunday. We stopped playing on Saturday afternoon and went to Confession. We went without meat EVERY Friday.  We dressed up every Sunday.  We stood up when Sister Marywhoever and Fr. I'minCharge walked in to the room. We knew our Saints and why they were Saints.  We were taught to love God and to feed the hungry and clothe the poor, long before Social Justice became a cool buzzword. Cripes the Catholic Church invented Social Justice. The real kind not the enabling 'gee aren't I a swell giving Christian like person' kind.

As a child and well into adulthood I loved and took pride in being Catholic. I still love my faith, but I can no longer say I am proud of the Catholic Church in the US.  There are individuals within in It that I have great admiration for.  However, I think we need a retro-lution.  No misspelling, I think we need to go back and pick up some things that were dropped  after V2. But! Can we? I am so frustrated right now that the Sedevacantists that I have long thought extreme, now seem to have a point.

Where is my Church? Mt. St. Michaels?  SSPX? The modern Church that throws out an occassional Latin Mass like a bone for a hungry dog?  I no longer know.  I am searching and praying. I know I love Jesus and my Blessed Mother  with every fiber of my being. I know. if I keep praying They will lead me.

So I wonder are these the ramblings of a selfish woman who is feeling nostalgic? No this is the heart of a woman who misses her home.