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Full Version: Quick Hello
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I'm doing well.  I'll be here for a day, and then back to it.  Plus I gave up most internet for Lent.

I might comment here and there.  Take care.
:hello!:  Glad to hear it! Welcome back.
I'm happy that you're back, even if only for a day
Howdy, James.

Missed you, James.  Hope you're having a good lent!
Hope you see this and come back again soon.  I didn't interact with you much, but I always found your posts well reasoned and informative.

We have lost a lot of the older members like you and the discussions are the worse for it.  Please come back more often.  :)
It's been great seeing a few posts by James again.  Come back soon, if you can.
Don't be a stranger, James.
I'll be popping in once in awhile.  Later.