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Full Version: All Souls Chapel & Memorial: Pray for the Dead
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All Souls Chapel

Please pray for all the faithful departed, especially those listed below who are loved most dearly by our members.
Pray for the consolation of those who enroll names here

Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis. Requiéscant in pace. Amen

Betty Clara and Francis Eugene
Dorothy Elizabeth and John Gilbert
William Edgar
Betty Amanda
Giuseppe and Angelina
Anthony and Catherine
Mary Agnes

John and Laura Jean
J. Peter

Rodney Michaels
Amy Romero
Jimmy Peatross
Shirley Peatross
Elmer Jones
Chet Gillette
Rose Gillette
Calvin Lane
Lester Gillette
Hallie Gillette

Lena Van Gundy
Emory Hughes
Frank Wise
Paul Fergueson
Rev. Larry Valentine

Kathleen Meinders
Carolyn Oberheu
Era Andrews
Herman Andrews
Hugh Duerson
Bonifacia Armendariz
Simon Armendariz
Ignacio Armendariz
Hortensia Placencio
Alexis Jaquez
Manuel Lerma
Alex Honeycutt
Marie Theresia Catanese
Raymond E. Sorell
Rita E.Sorell
Levi O. DesIlet
Zepherine DesIlet
Mary Patricia DesIlet
Kaitlyn Druckreier
Julia Elise Barrett-Mays
Jackelyn Liriano
moving this to the top where it should have been..
Name - Date of death
Dudley S - March 5, 1988
Audrey S - July 7, 1983
Eleanor K. - July 2, 1989
Elmer K. Sr. - December 25, 1989
Leonard S - November 27, 1996
John M. - December 23, 1981
Jennifer M - March 17, 1981
Elmer K. Jr. - September 13, 2011

James C.
Maryanne C.
S. Walter S.
Esther W.
Fr. Tracy
Fr. Norris
Fr. Steve et al.
Jack C.

I am so grateful for this thread!

Victor Nunzio D
Mary Anotionette D
Donald D
Rose D
Hannah M
James M
Richard W
Lois W
Gladys W
Shannon Marie Lawrence (Who was brutally murdered as a victim of domestic violence. Please also pray for the needs of her family and two small children.) :'(

:crucifix: :pray2:
Claudia A
Lola C
George C
Mercy C
Olga S
Hib S
Jamie K
Jeanette M
Dean M
Mildred C
Ruth A
William A
Joseph A
Margaret A
:crucifix: :pray:
:crucifix: :pray:

Joanna Gatten, July 30, 2012, also, if you please.
:pray: :pray: :pray:
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