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Full Version: Latin Mass the Philippines
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Though we are very much centered in Europe and the United States as to the struggles of the Traditional communities and movements there are countries of which we seldom hear anything about and I think it is important for us to be aware

You will find many a developments on the situation most of the it good but also some bad.
I am acquainted with the guy who runs that blog.
Skippy's boss will undoubtedly have good input on Tradition in the islands of King Philip II.
Oh son of a gun. I know that Canon.  LOL
I believe that Canon Moreau will someday be made a Bishop.  He is a holy priest and is pulling significantly more than his share for love of God and us.
What a nice start. 

Maybe the TLM will do better there on account of the piety of the faithful
It seems a lot of fishies know the famous Canon Jean-Marie Moreau, too!

I remember when he substituted and said Mass for us several times, sometimes saying his fourth or even FIFTH Sunday Mass. That's dedication.

He once gave an excellent Christmas sermon, a commentary on the Gloria. I still remember the one sermon he gave on a Sunday in November exhorting us to pray for the poor souls and our deceased love ones, saying "why do we say they are in a better place, for we do not really know if this is true."