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Full Version: Dropped my crucifix, AGAIN
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This is the third time I've broken a crucifix I wear around my neck just by it falling on accident.  Time to get something more sturdy.  The corpus fell off in ever case, taking a bit of the cross with it.

Does anyone know where I can get a crucifix that will survive at least a fall from five feet onto hard tile floor? 

I mean, I'm not saying I'm looking to overdo it and get a crucifix that'll stop a bullet or survive getting run over just by the quality of materials and construction.  But seriously, can I find something that won't break from a little tumble?

And while I'm at it, the chain on my rosary broke and I lost an ave on the third decade.  :realmad:

Come across any tough as nails sacramentals?
Perhaps a metal crucifix? I'm sure something inexpensive can be found.
Sounds like you need a Benedictine one.
If you know any Legion of Mary people, they might have a plastic rosary to spare. It sounds ugly, I know, but the nylon cord won't break.
look up Pardon Crucifix. I think you can get one for about $2 or so.
How are your crucifixes falling off your neck?  lol

I wore my St. Benedict's one for a few years until I got a new brown scapular (wait, no, it's still....  yeah, it's still on there) and it's held up pretty decent.  Maybe an inch tall.  Nice and small. 
I wear this one: from Gallery Byzantine. It's a solid one piece Crucifix.  :crucifix:
contact rosarium
Get a brown scapular with a crucifix on it. Get enrolled in the scapular. You can put a miraculous medal on there and what all you want, saint-wise. That will do the job and then some way better than a hundred dollar gold chain.
Monk Rock has ggood inexpensive ones;

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