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Full Version: In one sentence Pope Paul VI shows VII to be problematic...
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(04-03-2012, 06:52 PM)Lee Timmer Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-02-2012, 02:02 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-02-2012, 02:00 PM)ZekarjaSG Wrote: [ -> ]I understood it to mean that the Eucharist was of lesser importance compared to the Scripture which is of greatest importance in the Liturgy. I believe that, in the Liturgy, the Eucharist is of the greatest importance.

I must have misunderstood what was meant by that. Please forgive me. :(

Don't worry.  It's not like you can actually read that quote and make heads or tails of it anyways.  Could mean one thing, could mean another thing-- thus is modernism.

Thus is the documents of Vatican II.

...which everyone on this Forum should read, if only to see how our religion was replaced by something else...
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