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Full Version: Wedding Question
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Hey all!

So, I saw this picture on a friend's Pintrest that really got my attention, so I repinned it to one of my boards.

[Image: wedding.jpg]

As I was driving home, however, I started pondering over it.  I have never seen a couple lie on the floor in supplication at a wedding before.  I cannot tell if the couple in the picture is Western or Eastern Catholic... so any help in that department would be great.
I should also note that I have never been to an Extraordinary Rite wedding, so this could be quite normal.

Wow. I've never heard of a full prostration like this one at a wedding either. It looks like its Western Rite.
I've never seen anything like this either. Looks like it's an ordinary form Mass though, since the candles and missal are set up on the table altar. Beautiful church.
Maybe they just tripped.
Found it!

"You see, throughout this time of marriage preparation, the Lord was constantly calling us to meditate on the Cross – on our personal sacrifice to one another as we became one flesh. Andrew and I have always been moved and inspired by the powerful symbol of Prostrating in God’s presence, especially when we were recently witnesses at a final vow mass of a few religious brothers back in July.

This unique “laying down of one’s life” signifies so much to our Church and us. It shows great humility, vulnerability, penance, and is one of the most profound ways of dying to one’s self. What a blessing it is to witness something so special and unique – something only found in this way within our Catholic Church!

So as the wedding approached and my husband and I discussed it, we came to the conclusion of “Why can’t we do it?!”  Through prayer and serious discernment, we felt the Lord asking and reminding us, “ are you really ready to lay your life down for me through each other?” We were ready and we knew we wanted to include this gesture in our wedding."
(04-03-2012, 04:06 PM)cgraye Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe they just tripped.
At my uncle's Novus Ordo ordination, a few of the priests joked that when they get ordained, they prostrate themselves on the floor.  All married couples do is show up.  :LOL:
Eh, I'm leery of this practice.  Especially as this appears to be a NO wedding mass.  It smacks of speshul snowflake syndrome (I am special! Just like a snowflake! There's only one of me!), that they wanted their wedding to 'stand out' and impress people.  The second reason it makes me go hmmmm is that isn't prostrating yourself a priestly gesture? It seems to be just one more way the laity tries to be the clergy.
Or maybe I'm just being a sourpuss.

TheresaW, let's not do this, okay?
Hopefully they remembered to clean the floor before they did that.
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