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Full Version: Traditional Latin Mass coming to Miss-Lou area!!!
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I am happy to announce that starting April 29th, there will be a permanent, weekly Diocesan Traditional Latin Mass offered at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Ferriday, LA.  I honestly do not know when the last time a TLM was offered in this area--ever since I moved away from Baton Rouge where they had an SSPX Chapel and St. Agnes which is a Diocesan TLM, I have been working tirelessly to get one started in my hometown of Natchez, MS.  The Bishop of the Diocese of Jackson has shot down my every attempt---as fate would have it (Divine Intervention), I had a chance meeting with a very holy, wonderful young Priest---Fr. Sklar.  He is the pastor of St. Patrick Catholic Church--located in the Diocese of Alexandria, LA.  He was already in the process of getting a TLM started.  To make a long story short, our efforts are finally coming to fruition.  Our first TLM will be:

Date :Sunday 29 April 2012
Time: 1:00 PM

St. Patrick Catholic Church
601 Florida Ave.
Ferriday, LA 71334

This will be a permanent Mass that will be offered each Sunday at 1:00 PM--Please, please pray for our success in building our Latin Mass Community--if you are in the general area and seeking a Traditional Latin Mass--COME JOIN US--If you have family and friends who are seeking a Traditional Latin Mass--TELL THEM PLEASE.

God Bless you all--Deo Gratias
Great news for you folks.  Glad to hear it.  Smile
Thank God.  I know that one's been a long time coming.

God save the South!
Deo gratias! I try to remember needs like this with each Rosary.

Brick by brick.
That's great news. Please let us know when the parish picnic is.  Food!
Great news!  Grin
Praise God!

I will make sure to keep you and the priest in my prayers.