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Full Version: Lisa, where art thou?
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Where's Lisa?

I haven't seen her around for ages.
Where is she is right ?

Indeed, I've been wondering the same thing!
Hope she's okĀ  :confused:
Looks like she stopped using Fe sometime during lent... took down her profile pic, too...
That's serious.

I believe she said she works at St. Martin's parish in Cincinnati, OH.
A little birdie told me you were looking for me. :-) Thanks!

Around the middle of February I decided to take a break... for Lent, and because there were about five active threads at the time that were insulting to women, in my opinion. If some of you don't watch it you'll end up with a forum full of men only. Voices like lolanthe, satori, paloma, underdog, canadiancatholic, and others, were always good for breaking up the clouds. Those voices are silent now. And I think that's too bad.

But let's not end on a sour note.... Thanks for the Beatles!

Hi Lisa !

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