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Full Version: Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America
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My friends and family think I'm paranoid because I've been telling them this was coming for years.  Who's paranoid now?
Wouldn't surprise me if this were true. The Bush and Obama aminstrations have had one goal in mind all along: supress our civil rights.
I'd keep my eye on Chicago's NATO meeting coming up.The military is coming here and has not shared information with any one about their plans.

There are currently over 600 internment camps in the US just waiting to be filled.  Google U.S. internment camps.  The writers often come off as paranoid, but, well, they have a right to be.
(05-03-2012, 02:00 PM)knittycat Wrote: [ -> ]My friends and family think I'm paranoid because I've been telling them this was coming for years.  Who's paranoid now?

You and me both. My parents thought I was off my rocker until all this recent legislation came into play. Now they have foot-in-mouth syndrome.
I have to say....I'm just one man, but one man can make all the difference. Something can be done about this, unlike before we have the foreknowledge of tyranny on the rise. I would give my life so my son won't have to live in a hellhole. I don't want to see war but I fear war is going to come knocking on my door one day.

Bah, I'm ranting. Point being: something needs to be done, I'm sick of discussion. I'll die before going back into a cage.
[Image: foil.jpg]
I was a U.S. Army military policeman from 1996 to 2002. When I was leaving the service in 2002, DOD civilians were in the process of replacing military policeman in all law enforcement operations. From what I hear, most Army posts have taken law enforcement operations from military police and handed them to DOD civilians.

The primary responsibility of all military police is the handling of prisoners of war. Granted, we also conducted route reconnaissance and convoy security, but prisoners of war is our bread and butter. We conducted prisoner of war training all the darn time, and we coupled it with MOUT (military operations in urban terrain) training. So we trained to drive you out of your hiding places and put you into detention camps.

I mention all of this because normally I would say you guys are crazy, but this information (the field manual looks authentic) coupled with the taking away of law enforcement operations from military police now makes a lot of sense to me; it seems like the military is trying to free up military police.

On a side note, I half jokingly say that if we are in internment camps, there's a good chance that we could escape! Even though our military police are highly trained in operating internment camps, they are augmented by...wait for it...the U.S. Army Band! They did training with us once a year and they were absolutely clueless. I apologize to anyone that may have been in the Army Band...but those guys were awful at detaining prisoners. They may be great musicians but they were awful augmentees. LOL
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