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I'm a cynic ! I think it's mush worse than Voris sees. I think if you add the Traditionalists + Catholics which adhere to the moral teachings of the Church = maybe 10 million. This guy got his money to run from Soros, and Soros openly opposes the Church on moral teaching, and has said he will work to change it. Is it a surprise ?

I want to stand outside Catholic Church this November with a sign that says "If you love the Church, don't vote for Obama" but I'm not sure it would do any good.

Can anyone think of a better slogan for swaying the middle-ground, Mass-attending Catholics?
Tim, it depends on what you mean by "following the moral teachings of the Church".  I do my best, but don't always succeed, Lord knows.

But I see what you mean.  "Gives intellectual assent to traditional moral teachings"...yeah, that number is low.  Appallingly low.

HOW low depends on how broad one's net for said teachings is.
Norbert, that's what i meant, exactly.

I hate to sound naive, but here goes. Surely, it is only NO Catholics who vote for ObamaHuh? I know a couple of them, but in this part of Texas, even in the NO they are (fortunately) rare.
Very few are saved. Read Matthew 7,13:14
I'm glad to see that Mr. Voris thinks the Religous Liberty angle is a sure loser.

But, maybe that's the point behind the strategy.

Next step is for Mr. Voris to realize that it is the Constitution itself, specifically the First Ammendment that is the real cuplrit.
The First Ammendment was mentioned in the video Adam, quoting Archbishop Dolan about minute 3:55.
Sadly too many Catholics are putting their hopes into candidates who grovel to the eternal enemy. That's the real problem.
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