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Full Version: Priest living a double life
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And let the attacks on priestly celibacy begin....The comments on this article are sickening...

Father Kevin Lee, Catholic Priest, Admits To Being Secretly Married (VIDEO)

Father Kevin Lee, a Catholic Priest who presided over Padre Pio parish in Sydney, Australia, admitted to being secretly married for a year, and says many other members of the priesthood are as well, 7 News reports.

"I've fallen in love and I've got married and it's outside of most people's awareness," Lee told 7News. "... I'm sure my family is going to be very deeply disappointed about these revelations."

Lee told the station he believes celibacy should not be enforced, and that he is writing a book to expand on the "wrongdoing" of his fellow priests.

MSNBC reports Lee, a priest for 20 years, met his wife Josephine in the Philippines.

In a separate report, Australia's 7 News states Lee has been removed from his posting, with head of the Diocese of Parramatta Bishop Anthony Fisher OP denying Lee's assertion that other priests engage in relationships as well.

"As Father Kevin is aware, by his actions he can no longer operate as a priest," Bishop Fisher told the station. "...As a result I will immediately be appointing an administrator to Padre Pio parish."

Lee told 7 News he hopes his coming clean will lead to change within the church.

Religious website wrote that, despite Lee's claims that the church should be free of celibacy, it is an important part of the religion.

This is an ancient practice, with biblical and early Christian roots. Consecrated celibacy also makes the priest more available for pastoral service to the whole Church.
I don't condemned a married priesthood, nor does the Church for that matter.

I do condemn his duplicity.
He isn't validly married, is he?
(05-03-2012, 11:27 PM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: [ -> ]He isn't validly married, is he?

Major orders are an impediment to marriage.
Well, either he lied when he got married...IE didn't tell his real name...or he misrepresented himself by not telling people he is a priest so I don't believe there is a valid sacramental marriage. I pray he repents before it's too late. It's going to be a long eternity in the hottest part of Hell.

I think this problem is more serious in Africa sad
(05-03-2012, 11:37 PM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-03-2012, 11:27 PM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: [ -> ]He isn't validly married, is he?

Major orders are an impediment to marriage.

I was thinking that he might have been married before being ordained, but forgive me, I watched it again and he said he "married" 1 year ago.
I remember reading that one bishop, when interviewing one of his priests who had failed in his commitment to celibacy/continence, would always start with the question, "When did you stop saying your Office, Father?"  I wonder when this man stopped.
Poor man. Wearing a scapular and a crucifix, but is afraid to wear his cassock in public.