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Full Version: Salvete!
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My name is Matthew, and I'm new to fish eaters.

I'm also quite new to Tradition, so I may have many questions.

For example, where do I start? What should I learn first?

I've never been to a TLM yet, is there a good one in Boston (I'm going to college there next summer)?

Thank you,

Welcome, Matthew!
Salve, Matthew.  Have you read the Fish Eaters  web site?  It is the best introduction to traditional Catholicism that I know of.
Matthew, welcome!

Go to the Fish Easters map, as it has a plethora of info about Traditionalism.

There is one TLM in Boston proper that I'm aware of at Holy Cross Cathedral at 11:00 AM on Sundays, and several more in the Boston Archdiocese. 

How well do you know the Faith? As already mentioned, this site has many sources. I would recommend that you learn the fundamentals of the Faith (FE, Baltimore Catechism, private instruction with a trad priest), and that you attend the traditional Mass as much as possible.

Also, gaining a friendly trad priestly confessor and spiritual advisor would be excellent. 
Welcome, Matthew.  I hope you enjoy it here at FE.

I saw your thread and thought, "Salve, Magistra."  :LOL:  I spent too long in Latin class.

The main FE site has some great resources.  It covers the basics of pretty much anything -- and if there's something you read about and want to know more, well, just start a thread.
Welcome to our little corner of the planet.

Thank you all for welcoming me.

I guess I've got a lot to read.

Thank You,

Welcome, Matthew! Check out for some good info.