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Full Version: Galileo
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Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I'm coming back after quite a long while away from this forum (apart from an isolated post about a month or two ago).

Anyways, I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get my hands on Robert Sungenis' book 'Galileo was wrong - The Church was right'?

I am desperate to read it - it's simply not available anywhere in the UK unless you're willing to spend over £200 on Amazon.

Thanks in advance...... shows a CD rom version for $23.00 but it's "temporarily out of stock", you can order though and they'll ship when available. has a copy for a mere $109.95.*listing*title

Sungenis' website has it available as a pdf download for $15 American

(Volume 1)
Thanks all - £9 for the book after conversion into sterling is great!!