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Full Version: Optimistic read on the leaked letters
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I have an affection for all four currently engaged in the 'controversy'. I do not think it is the job of the laity to interject in a blindly partisan manner.

Perhaps I am an optimistic (outside) observer, but I wonder if the following may happen:

1. Rome accepts the Society as it is; no concessions required by Econe (as much of the reporting has postulated).
2. All four Bishops stay on the same side.
3. The majority of the laiy accept a no-strings attached reconciliation on the basis that, "well, if even our good friend +Williamson has reluctantly agreed."

+Williamson fought the sedevacantists vigorously in the 1980s. He has often resisted to walk away in circumstances that some of his less temperate lay supporters have called intolerable treatment.

Even if the three are not deliberately triangulating the situation by emphasising scepticism right up to the last moment; perhaps there is a degree of conscious awareness that the hard-line must be seen to have not been abandoned so that those lay people who consider themselves so inclined do not feel disenfranchised during process in which they (rightly) have no say. This is being done in good faith to ensure the Society truly does not have to compromise on principle.

End result: all four come, and the vast majority of the laity too... This is not a prediction, just wistful thinking (and praying)! When it comes to speculating on the motivations of others, I should hope our first and abiding sentiment is to assume the best rather than jumping to insidious conclusions (especially when it comes to Catholic Bishops)...
I do not think it is out of the question that all four bishops will be part of the regularization.  I have seen Bishop Williamson go against predictions before.  He seems to be doing a world tour right now.  Quite possibly he is assessing the situation and has not yet made up his mind.
If Bishop Williamson goes along with regularization, I will do something outrageous on camera.  Like eat a sock or step on a lightbulb.  Ain't gonna happen.
All of this is making my head spin, especially when I read about Krahgate. THAT is very confusing. I just can't wrap my head around it.
I'm with Mafalda, it's confusing, but prayer works. God's will be done, not mine.


ps, Mafalda, that's a pasta shaped like skinny lasagne ? 
(05-14-2012, 08:54 AM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]ps, Mafalda, that's a pasta shaped like skinny lasagne ? 

Had to look that up. Didn't know there was such a thing. lol
I think the whole secret doctrinal pre-scramble strategy is designed with the very intention of splitting the SSPX.

Question is, without property will the three bishops be able to hold it together.  30 years of experience says no.  They'll fragment.

Oldest trick in the book.  Divide and conquer.