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Full Version: Trad Radio
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Yeah so I usually listen to WFTS but I was made aware of this other radio station like a week or so ago:

Only thing is, with this new place, they have a schedule they go by... but really, they're playing music like 23 hours a day and if I'm lucky I'll catch like an hour long sermon from Bp Williamson or something.  Can anyone explain this to me, am I doing something wrong?  And it's not that I'm listening at the wrong time.  I'm off school now and on a few days I've had it on the entire day while I was home- just music.  So yeah just wondering if anyone knows anything about it.
They follow their schedule so you're having a problem. I had a similar, if not the same problem. After a program would end the next would never begin, so I was stuck in the filler music until I restarted the radio station.
I downloaded the newest version of WinAmp which fixed it.
Hey, you're right.  Thanks a lot, it's working now!
Your welcome, I'm glad to have helped.