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Full Version: Where did the Black Sheep Dog (Corapi) go??
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Does anyone have any updates that are reliable regarding what happened to him?  I heard his site was quiety taken down.  Is this true?  IF it is, that would seem to be a good sign.  RIght?

This is the most recent link I can find regarding this subject.  It was an article from Jan 31st of this year.  Can't seem to find anything more updated.
Talk about crap happening this is it.

The Corapi fanbase wants his idol back!
Who is the singular fan, Vetus ?

Haha, I was a fan back in the day.  I'm not looking for him to come back speaking.  I know that he was asked not to because of "certain reasons".  I was just curious.  Things had been quiet for awhile.
(05-17-2012, 02:21 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: [ -> ]The Corapi fanbase wants his idol back!

(05-17-2012, 02:47 PM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]Who is the singular fan, Vetus ?


Back when Fr. Corapi had been "suspended" from public ministry (not sure what the technically correct term was) by his order and bishop, pending an investigation of allegations that had been made or had surfaced I recall some things from those threads and the information presented:

1.  Though there were some serious "allegations" of impropriety the attitude of Father's superiors wasn't one of "oh, the shock of scandal, you must be grounded"; but rather that these "allegations" are serious and for the good of both Father and the Church it is best he "lay low" until the matter can be sorted out and the truth discovered.  This is better than trying to operate under a "cloud of suspecision".
2.  The ecclesiastical structures (his order and bishop) seemed to me to be following prescribed Church protocols for handling the matter, and in a manner that would have been followed in the "pre VII" Church also.
3.  Fr. Corapi, while denying any wrongdoing, seemed to feel that he wouldn’t “get a fair hearing” from the Church and his “defense” seemed more focused on suing a former employee for breach of contract for disclosing work related information rather than directing addressing the allegations made.  He chose, I believe, to not participate in the ecclesiastical process to clear his name.
4.  I recall that Father Corapi, rather than seeking to clear his name and be reinstated as a priest in good standing, was going to pursue his apostolate in an independent manner as “black sheep dog” or something like that.
5.  There were several who commented on how much they profited from Father Corapi’s message.  While I was never a “follower” I had heard him several times on EWTN satellite radio while on long motor trips (the only time I usually listen to radio other than NPR news) and he certainly seemed “rock solid” to me.
5.  There were a few here (2 or 3 in particular as I recall; my memory is not absolutely certain so I shan’t mention any individuals, though I’m not thinking Vetus was one) who were convinced that Father was being “demonically attacked” and that the “modernist forces” in the Church were seeking to oust him because of the orthodoxy of his message.  There was a dearth of evidence to support the later allegation, in my opinion (reference points 1-2 above).

Since then is “independent mission” seems to have disappeared.  The only recent  information I found on the web was from last Jaunuary

Thanks moneil :)
You know I was thinking about him the other day. So strange that he should just "drop out" like that. I had seen him on TV a few times...but that was it.
Perhaps the Black Sheep Dog met a Black Swan.
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