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Full Version: Bible on Kindle?
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Hello there.  I am more of a reader than a posted on this forum.  :grin:  I just received a Kindle for my birthday and was wondering if anyone has used/found a good version of the Bible for it.  I am not fluent in Latin, I sort of stumble through it but am trying to learn.  I looked at the Latin Vulgate Bible but it had a review that it was more of a Protestant version and was missing books.  I looked at The Clementine Vulgate and it had some good reviews.  There seem to be quite a few options and I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any experience with the Kindle versions of these Bibles and what would be a good one for someone that is a Latin "newbie."

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

A Protestant Latin Vulgate? That's strange.
These are the two I use.
The Clementine Vulgate was compiled in this form by Rosarium. 

You can also use the RSV-CE if you like.

Edit:  I see you want a Latin one?  Use the Clementine Vulgate for a buck. 
Thank you!  :)
The Haydoc bible and its commentary can be downloaded here for [b]free.