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Full Version: What would happen if the Pope were to make Bishop Fellay head of the CDF?
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I know what most people are thinking this would never happened, there would be so many pissed off Bishops that it would be even worst for our aging pontiff. However let us not completely dismiss the idea after all the Holy Father is already getting flak from the I will regularize the SSPX no matter what you say or complaint because it is my will as the Supreme Pontiff if anything the whole situation with the SSPX has made mockery of the so called collegiality of Vatican II.

I would personally love to see it just so it can be a permanent slap in the face to the modernists who must know by now that their time has come.
Or: Bishop Fellay as next Pope!
What would happen?  I would rejoice.

However, I think many people in the Church would not.
(05-26-2012, 02:20 AM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: [ -> ]Or: Bishop Fellay as next Pope!

Ever heard of learning to crawl before walking. Gees it used to be crime to even imagine the King dead now Pope is still in perfectly good health not even in his sick bed and you are already looking for his replacement wait until at least the body is cold first.
I think Bp. Williamson would make a better choice :)
(05-26-2012, 02:40 AM)Christknight104 Wrote: [ -> ]I think Bp. Williamson would make a better choice :)

H.Exc. Bp. Williamson needs to be appointed Abp. of S.F.
What a wonderful occurrence that would be! Archbshp.  Neiderauer is set to retire this year. I wonder who will take his place.
If they don't listen to the Pope why would they listen to Bishop Fellay as head of the CDF. A more reasonable guess is he will make an ExtraOrdinary Rite Prelature with Fellay as head, wonder if he would put the FSSP and ICK under it.
Hell would freeze over.
Hans Kung would officially become Anglican. 
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