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Full Version: Monstrance presented as prize for best dressed at homosexual ball
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As monstrances go, that one's not much of a prize.
At least it was not a monstrance like this.
[Image: hostia-monstrance.jpg]
That one is much prettier!
When you sell Churches and everything in them, who buys it ?

The former Cathedral St. Bibiana's in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Hollywood types own it now
(05-29-2012, 04:30 PM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]When you sell Churches and everything in them, who buys it ?


Sadly enough, people sell first class relics and altar stones on e-Bay, though e-Bay has rules against the sale of relics that are human body parts (it is licit to sell hair from a saint), and will remove the listing if it's reported.  But e-Bay does not have its staff police the site to see that the rules are being obeyed.  It's up to customers/ potential customers to complain.

A member of Fisheaters who's not a regular poster, but may have been in the past, has written a good article about this problem with e-Bay sellers, which I'd link to if I could find the link.  I think it's actually posted at e-Bay since it explains the different classes of relics and what can be sold and what can't. 
Some sellers just don't know what can't be sold, but others just don't care.

If you want to buy vintage statues not made in China, vintage medals, rosaries, etc., you can find some wonderful items on e-Bay.  It's not e-Bay that's evil, but some of the Relic sellers selling on e-Bay are not ethical.

Under Collectibles, you'll find Religious as a category, then Christianity as a subcategory with Relics as a subcategory of Christian religious collectibles.  Tonight there are 1,975 Christian Relics for sale on e-Bay.

The article said that altar stones are popular in bars, set into the counter.   That's truly tacky.  I would not show that sort of disrespect for anyone's beliefs.  I'll bet those clever bar owners don't have the huevos to make cocktail napkins from pages of the Koran or from a Torah scroll. 

Action should be taken against such businesses.  Legal action, I mean, though other kinds certainly come to mind.

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For removal of altar stone from bar, of course,  Then find a bishop who will see that it goes in a new 

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