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Full Version: Mother Angelica
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this meme makes me proud to be catholic
This makes me happy. :D
I stumbled on Mother Angelica when I was physically very ill and very far from the Church. I watched first as fun time, and then her words sunk in and I returned. She was nostalgic for me at first, an Italian Nun, with an Italo-american sense of humor but a steadfast eye on a return to tradition, small t. At that time not through her words as much as her attitiude, I was certain the Church was on the verge of returning to Tradition capital T.
I could see because I knew womwn very much like her that she was thwarted. She fought Cardinals, Bishops, in fact the entire USCCB, this reminded me of every Italo-american woman I had ever known. They are women, but they will not take crap. It took sometime to clear my head of the culture, but her and her merry evangelization did it.
Nice thought. But, hardly the reality.

Soon we will have a fortnight of prayer culminating in the celebration of that Masonic Document aka The Declaration of Independence. All to praise the Constitution and our Founding Fathers and beg for the right to not pay for abortions and contraception.

I guess conversion would be too hard. It's the Mother Teresa approach. Jew, be a good Jew and keep reciting your Kol Nidre prayer. Also, the rabbis have deemed that a child in a mother's womb is a pursuer, so, Jewish Mothers, have an abortion if that child is pursuing you. And yes that includes wardrobe problems if your gown you bought for an upcoming wedding no longer fits due to the pursuer. Hindu, be a good Hindu and concentrate on nothingness, which is everything. Protestant, be a good Prot. Make fun of the Catholics praying to the Saints and tell us about how you are labeled Deacons without having studied 10 minutes of Theology.

This is brilliant strategy.

I think I'm going to make a music video with the above tune using pictures as a slide show.

For the lyric, "just cause I look different, you think I'm subversive!", I will show a picture of Timothy Cardinal Dolan wearing a Mitre, or perhaps his Cheesehead. Maybe both.

Notice this song, though critical, and the entire production is fake revolutionary, they too embrace the Americanist Heresy. It is actually quite profound when one contemplates it.

This is noted by the allegience to the Flag and country because as the song says, "still best one around".

What we see here is control of the revolutionary movement vis a vis a Broadway Show. Or, to put it another way, political control vis a vis entertainment.

I wonder if Michael Butler was a CIA asset. I do like to play on his family's golf course when opportunity knocks.
I have a protestant friend who has started to listen to EWTN----it won't be too long now before he will be coming to the one true church.

I know some disparage EWTN but I cannot tell you how many people I have encountered who either by watching or listening on the radio have come back  or converted to the Catholic Church. 

And some shut ins watch it all day long.  It has been an incredible blessing....all due to one cloistered disabled nun who said yes to Christ.

Thanks be to God for Mother Angelica whose apostolate now is prayer and suffering in quiet.
EWTN is very good for converting people and getting them settled in the new faith, but for a well informed traditional Catholic some of their programs will not satisfy their intellect. But if it does good be glad. Mother Angelica was and is a very holy devout nun who has done a great service in times like ours when any sort of orthodoxy is attacked and belittled.
It appeared to me that when Mother Angelica left, the content slowly slipped to happy clappy. She was attempting to returh to tradition, inch by inch. Today it's neo-con republican land.

The programming that is worthwhile is usually not the most heavily advertised with the best times and on the rotation. 

There were a few good history series, the one hosted by Tom Woods and one by the Bogles.

Bishop Sheen reruns are generally worth it.  Mother's reruns in which she picks a good topic are very good. 

The Chesterton show is worthwhile. 

Any of the shows in which theology is taught by Fr. Brian Mullady. Raymond de Souza had a decent show on there as well.

Fr. Pacwa is terrible and goes through gyrations to deny the faith on key points. Fr. Groeschel is a scandal in what they've let him get away with, outright heresy. 

Raymond Arroyo is entertaining but a propagandist at best.  Life on the Rock is still insipidly weak and watery as far as Catholicity goes.

The overly enthusiastic Protestant converts that seem to treat Catholicism like a religion that needs Protestantism to make it worthwhile are terrible. 

The sports guys show is corny but fairly harmless, the shows that Alice von Hildebrand has done have been decent, (sort of a veiled traditionalism) 

They have a priest doing a cooking show.  He's pretty far out into Novus Ordo land but it's a cooking show with a modicum of Catholicity thrown in to "kick it up a notch."