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Full Version: Vatileaks journalist breaks silence
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"Traitor," some call him. Because he has made public in his book "Sua Santità" operations that the Holy See would have rather have kept in the dark- failures in dealing with cases of sexual abuse, for example. The journalist and author Gianluigi Nuzzi tells the SZ why the publication of the Vatileaks will make the Church better.

Pope Benedict XVI is to meet Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano - and Monsignor Mamberti, the "foreign minister" of the Vatican Secretariat of State is preparing a note to Ratzinger. He cites a number of Italian laws, which from the perspective of the Vatican, which should be stopped, for example, about the equality rights granted within marriage and cohabitation. Or should the Pope say something about the sex scandal involving former Premier Silvio Berlusconi? The confidential message to Benedict XVI. discourages critical comments.

Does Pope Benedict XVI suffer under the burden of his office? Internal documents from the Vatican suggest this.