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Full Version: Fire destroys Mexican Church, leaves OLG painting untouched
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[Image: 20120614_102643_virgin_of_guadalupe_fire_300.jpg]

Quote:Fire in Juárez destroys church, spares Virgin of Guadalupe image
By Marisela Ortega Lozano / El Paso Times
Posted:  06/14/2012 09:43:32 AM MDT

A fire destroyed a church in Juárez early Wednesday morning, but spared a Virgin of Guadalupe image, despite the fierce blaze, Juárez officials said today.

The incident took place at about 4:04 a.m. on Wednesday, at San Agustín Chapel at Paseos del Alba and Paseos del Ángel Streets, Juárez Fire Department officials said.

"The fire tore down the whole church," said Cap. Martin Morales, of the Fire Department in Juárez, in a telephone interview.

But the fire spared a Virgin of Guadalupe image inside the church. The worshiped icon, 60 centimeters tall and one meter wide, was framed in wood.

The flames destroyed other images like St. Agustín and Jesus Christ, said Efrén Matamoros, Juárez Environmental Services and Civil Defense.

"We had no explanation of that," Matamoros said. "The image had no protection at all." The fire also destroyed 40 pews, frames and several icons. No one was hurt.

The damages were estimated at $10,000.

The fire was ruled accidental, due to an illegal connection to the electric poles in the area, firefighters said.

The parishioners are ready to rebuild the church, Matamoros said.

Marisela Ortega Lozano maybe reached at; 542-6077.

Kinda reminds me of the parish that was destroyed by a tornado and the Altar/Tabernacle was untouched.

Our Lady of Guadalupe continues to inspire the Mexican people through the power of Christ. :)
Reminds me of the Miracle last year in Texas during the wildfires when the all those homes where spared because some people had prayed to the Mother of God.  The flames came right up to the statue and stopped
Very awesome!
I am, however, bothered by the wording in both the linked articles.  The first one says the image was worshiped, and the second says that the people prayed to the statue.
*I* know what they meant, *you* know what they meant, but is it any wonder people see us as idolaters with verbage like that?
Miraculous! In the 1920s, someone tried to bomb the famous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Basilica. He hid dynamite in flowers, and threw the bomb at the tilma. Well, the tilma was not damaged at all, and the altar crucifix literally bent over backwards. Our Lord protected His mother.

[Image: bent_crucifix_1921.jpg]

Also, the man has the right kind of hat on!  :tiphat:
I caught that as well... but eh, correct it as we can I guess. I called Ms. Ortega-Lozano and left a message briefly explaining the difference between dulia, hyperdulia and latria, as well as the fact that this sort of incorrect phrasing often leads to misunderstandings about the Church.

I asked her to correct it if she would be so kind so that it reads venerated icon instead of worshiped. We'll see if it gets done. :)
(06-14-2012, 01:08 PM)jonbhorton Wrote: [ -> ]Kinda reminds me of the parish that was destroyed by a tornado and the Altar/Tabernacle was untouched.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ridgway, IL: