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Full Version: Fr. Michael Rodriguez plea to American bishops
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On Ascension Thursday, May 17th, 2012, Father Michael Rodriguez celebrated a Missa Cantata in the Traditional Rite, and delivered this charitable plea of a sermon to all the US Bishops. It is an authentic Catholic exposition. The Traditional Latin Mass was reverently celebrated at San Francisco Javier Catholic Church located in El Paso, Texas, preceded by a May Crowning, and the recitation of the most Holy Rosary.

Thanks for posting this GottmitunsAlex - outstanding sermon by the good Fr. - he remains in my prayers.
Excellent sermon.
Papabile !

Tim, Fr. Michael was one of our chaplains on the recent Remnant Paris to Chartres pilgrimage. He is the real deal. Fearless. He's in my rosaries, He will have more enemies as time goes by.
Is it just me or is that medgagorge ad annoying?
(06-25-2012, 11:20 AM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]Papabile !


Fr. Rodriguez is amazing. Every time I see him speaking or read what he writes, it's just like "yes, this! more! more!".

I've been similarly impressed with the FSSP, as well as what I have heard on the SSPX side which is not related to the politics.

Fr. Rodriguez has had a rough go of his ministry with his unequivocal stance on important issues. He, and all priests like him, and especially those NOT like him, need to be kept in our prayers.