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What do you folks think of this?
I'd be interested. Here in Chicago Resurrection Medical is one of the largest Hospital networks I've ever seen.  When Obama started with his push for "health care" it made me think why doesn't the Archdiocese and all it's parishes form a network using the Catholic Hospitals exclusively for just that, and kissing good bye all the horsefeathers. Charity begins at home. We here have gajillions of Catholic Hospitals.

I have thought about this kind of solution in the past as well. My wife informed me that a lot of insurance policies only cover maternity care for up to two children. Immediately I thought that we should form our own insurance plans that inclusively cover Catholics. I think it's a good start.
That not wanting to cover pregnancies started when Enovid-E came on the market. My father's insurance called him out for too many kids. Our family doctor, who had married a very close family friend, one we called aunt, was a freemason, and he would pester my mother, and tell her if she had another she would die. My mother told us unlike most women she was a natural at delivery, it was a one-two-three-and out for her. So to bring this together it isn't new and has been a pressure on Catholics and others of good conscience since the get go. This was my awakening to the notion of conspiracy at fifteen. It put a crimp in my trusting the doctor, and subsequently most doctors.