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Full Version: The English Reformation: A Cultural Calamity
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Here is a good article by The Telegraph. Basically, Britain was greatest when Catholic, the propoganda from Protestant historians notwithstanding. Though the article briefly touches on the "Popish martrys" Reformation England saw the most Catholic martyrs in Europe since the persecution of the Roman emperor Diocletian. I'll also add the Magna Carta was signed when England was Catholic and it also saw the works of Chaucer during this time.

Ironic that as I type this that it was on this date, June 26, 1483 that King Richard III was acclaimed King of England. He was the last Plantagenet King of England to die on the battlefield and he was succeeded by King Henry VII Tudor, father of the infamous Henry VIII. 
Thanks. Henry Tudor's (VII) link to the Lancastrian line was quite weak.