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Full Version: Bp. Williamson on contact with Rome in 2001
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As I have said elsewhere, I am currently reading through +Williamson's letters that were posted here.

Today, just minutes ago, I stumbled across this letter:
Contact with Rome and how to react to the outcome - February 1, 2001

Wherein I read the following:

Quote:Moreover, sixthly, even if negotiations, for all kinds of reasons such as above, come to nothing, then the simple fact of having entered into negotiations will have played for Rome and against the organisation in the Society’s position. This is because any Catholic organisation resisting Rome in crisis suffers from the unavoidable internal tension between staying close to Mother Rome and keeping away from her neo-modernist leprosy. So members of the Society will stretch all the way from those for, to those against, any negotiation. Let Rome but make an offer calculated to please the ones as much as it displeases the others, and the Society will be stretched to breaking point. Rome will at least have divided, if not conquered.

In addition to...
Quote:All of which means, seventhly, that any organisation in the Society’s position stands a good chance of falling into a Roman trap. At best, it obtains unsure concessions in exchange for a sure loss of freedom; at worst it obtains nothing at all and is divided into the bargain. Wise after the event, we might say that the Society’s best course in the circumstances would be not to talk with Rome at all, but that is for Catholics easier said than done.

And then near the end this
Quote:Let me be the best Catholic that I can, day by day, and the rest I can leave in God’s hands. The rest is His problem!

Overall, I think wise and prudent admonitions from Bp. Williamson, applicable even today.