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Full Version: Voris' latest, and he's smokin'
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Voris once again whacks them a good one. I hope he doesn't have a nervous breakdown.

Cardinal Dolan's invitation of Obama is truly disgusting to put it mildly. It makes me wonder if I can take him seriously on, well, anything related to the Catholic Faith at all. Successor to the Apostles? Well, start acting like one. I suppose the best thing we can do is pray many rosaries for Cardinal Dolan to receive the grace to be freed from human respect and rescind this invitation to Obama. As an aside, I wonder how long it will take for neoconservative Catholics to throw Voris into the same camp they throw most of us--the schismatic disobedient looney bin.
I am disappointed in Cardinal Dolan but I really can't say I'm surprised. It's obvious that he wants to be loved by everyone.
(08-03-2012, 06:57 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: [ -> ]I am disappointed in Cardinal Dolan but I really can't say I'm surprised. It's obvious that he wants to be loved by everyone.

Which is a sign of human respect. In saying this however I recognize that human respect is something all of us have to struggle with so I'm not just attacking Cardinal Dolan. It's just sad that a high ranking Catholic prelate in the US who supposedly wants to fight for "religious liberty" against the HHS mandate is inviting the very architect of this mandate to this meeting. Between him doing this and Cardinal Pell denying Adama and Eve it's hard not to see that this crisis is a deep, deep crisis of faith that extends even to the highest levels of the Church. As the late Father John Hardon used to say "you can't give the faith if you don't have it". Many of these high ranking prelates cannot expect to re claim Catholic identity when it's apparent they are just as confused as your average pew sitter. It's hard not to see why the Church has become a laughingstock to just about everyone. She is still the Bride of Christ but her leaders have been limpwristed at best for the last few decades and by and large she has been directionless.
It is so good to see Michael finally let go and show his anger at the spineless, liberal bishops and their feminist staffers. You can just see he would love to go through the USCCB offices like Jesus in the temple, smashing and overturning everything in sight. And most of us would love to be right there with him!
It's a scandal is what it is. A lot of Catholics, not just trads, will be upset to hear this. My pastor will be very upset.
Until we have Bishops and Cardinals who walk, talk and live the True Faith, this endless night will continue. I am reminded of all of the High Priests of the Old Testament. How they continually ignored the Prophets and the warnings from God, until He finally had enough of "This vile generation". I am quite sure a judgement is coming, and soon!
It will take a real persecution to wake some of these prelates up and even then it might not be enough. I'm thinking of England during the time of St. John Fisher here. Perhaps a persecution is what's needed to literally destroy the rotten system in the USSCB that has been allowed to go on for decades now. All I can say is I have about as much faith in Cardinal Dolan as Richard Dawkins has in a Creator God.
The episcopal conferences are here to stay until the death of the conciliarist dream of collegiality. 

More fruits of the ever-blessed and most holy Council!
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