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Full Version: REAAAALITY!
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Because it's so awesome, everyone should watch it:

I subscribe to iamsestak on YouTube. Here's another good one.
Awesome indeed.
Yes, I really enjoy the way Sestak edits his Williamson videos, I wish he'd do more.
Does he post the original, unedited videos in their entirety anywhere?
See Sestak's whole "Bishop Williamson Collection."
(08-04-2012, 01:52 PM)Atomagenesis Wrote: [ -> ]Because it's so awesome, everyone should watch it:

I loved the part where he says "it's more creative, it's more broadminded, it's more progressive, it's more interesting, it's more free to say that not only are two and two four, but also they're five, and they're fifteen, and they're five million. Do you see the creative extension and possibilities of refusing to be imprisoned by the narrow-mindedness of 'Two and two are four'?"
Yeah I don't know where the original talks are, he might have exclusive access to them. I friend of mine knows him, said he was a former SSPX seminarian, so he has stuff that most people don't.