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Full Version: Sometimes I wonder...
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I think sometimes we forget that God is supreme above all, and he created all. We forget that we are naked before Christ even more so than when we were born. He sees and knows more about us than we know ourselves. When we argue, we shove that out of our minds...and it doesn't matter, though it should. We offend the Blessed Virgin because we forget her Son's glory and exchange it for our own.

We get mad, not at God....but at other people because they don't believe in His teachings. Yet we don't abide by His teachings when we try to correct someone, and show them that glorious truth which can only be found in the Catholic Church alone.

But yet we can acknowledge this, and bring it before our Priest, so that he can grant us God's absolution for the sins we have committed...

This thought is brought to you by a thorough examination of conscience™.
Thanks.  I appreciate this very much.  Smile It's a happier life, the one you're pursuing.  God bless you.

Deo gratias!