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Full Version: "Evolution More than a Hypothesis" Never Said By Pope John Paul II
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You may recall the headlines and the lie being purported to this day.

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From Bob Sungenis at The Bellarmine Report
Quote:Dear Patrons,

Being on the advisory board of The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation has its advantages. I have been made privy to one of the most astounding pieces of information I have been privileged to receive since I returned to the Catholic Church 20 years ago. I must also say, however, that although this new information helps solidify my trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance of the Church, at the same time it makes me realize how corrupt the Vatican apparatus has become. It turns out that the statement attributed to John Paul II about evolution in 1996 (“evolution is more than a hypothesis”) was never stated or written by John Paul II. In fact, John Paul II never even spoke to the Pontifical Academy of Science about the issue. The whole thing was the brainchild of the well-known liberal cleric, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, and his entourage of like-minded liberals. Thank God in heaven that the truth has finally been revealed.

Robert Sungenis

Here are the words of Hugh Owen, director of The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, on this very important development:

The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
952 Kelly Rd., Mt. Jackson, VA 22842
Tel: 540-856-8453 E-Mail:
Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

I would like to share some important information that I recently received from Dr. Dominique Tassot, the publisher of the excellent French journal of the Centre D'Études et Prospectives la Science (CEP). In a recent issue of the CEP journal, a reader submitted the following testimony--from a source which Dr. Tassot considers completely trustworthy. The letter has been translated into English by Mr. Claude Eon:

On October 22, 1996, the scientific community and the popular press gave an account of the message delivered by Blessed Pope John-Paul II to the general meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences gathered in Rome to discuss evolutionary theories. The main part of this message, the one little sentence that made headlines in the papers[1], is as follows:

Today (...) better knowledge leads us to see in the theory of evolution more than a hypothesis.

This sentence was immediately interpreted as approval by the Holy Father of the principle of biological evolution, in spite of the conflict between this mode of explaining creation and the very foundations of the Catholic religion. However, we now know that John-Paul II never gave this speech. He did not even meet with the members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences because the planned meeting was canceled.

This is what really happened, according to the unpublished testimony of a priest who was present:

I was a member of this symposium on evolution. Blessed John-Paul II NEVER delivered the speech attributed to him on October 22, 1996. The text, without a signature, was handed over to the members [of the PAS] without any papal audience. After the event, I questioned Father Cottier, now a cardinal. He told me he had himself written a part of the document but that a second writer had intervened, inserting his own additions into the text without showing them to him. (It was precisely the duty of Fr. Cottier, official theologian of the Papal Household, to read all the texts to be signed by the Pope.)

Consequently, the official reviewer could not carry out his mission, He was bypassed. As to John-Paul II, the confidant of his reviewer, he never read or reviewed the text!

Thus we are confronted with a text attributed to Pope John-Paul II and published under his signature in L'Osservatore Romano--but of what real merit?[2] Yet the statement deals with a question of fundamental importance, whether man is only the product of "evolution" or if man, like all that exists on earth, is actually the fruit of a special act of God's Will (betrayed by man's rebellion through Original Sin).

This may also explain why Pope Benedict XVI thought it right to assert the Church's position in his enthronement homily at the inaugural Mass of his pontificate, on Sunday, April 24, 2005, in St Peter's Square:

We are not the accidental and senseless product of evolution. Each of us is the fruit of a God's thought. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.

And that is not all. Here is what the Holy Father added a few months later, on November 9, 2005, after quoting from a commentary on Genesis by the fourth-century bishop St. Basil the Great:

I find that this Father's words are of astonishing relevance when he says: "Some, deceived by their inherent atheism, imagined a universe deprived of direction and order, as if ruled by chance." How many are those "some" today? Deceived by atheism, they believe that it is scientific to think that all is deprived of direction and order, as if ruled by chance. Throughout Scripture, the Lord wakes up man's languid reason and tells us: "In the beginning was the Creative Word." ("Le Cep" N° 60 July 2012, pp. 92-94).

Friends of the Kolbe Center, this letter testifies to the way that the traditional teaching of the Church can easily be subverted by anonymous activists in ecclesiastical offices who misrepresent the mind of the Pope or of the Second Vatican Council to promote ideas that are incompatible with the traditional teaching of the Church. Fidelity to the true teachings of the Church now requires the ability not only to distinguish between the authoritative and non-authoritative statements of the Pope but also to distinguish between the statements merely attributed to the Pope and those that he has actually written or said!

Let us pray that God will deliver the Holy Father from false friends, advisers, and co-workers, and give him the grace to witness boldly to "the faith once delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3).

Please keep the Kolbe Center in your prayers.

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata,

Hugh Owen

[1] CEP Editor's note: One can gauge the importance of this "little sentence" from the fact that, the very next day, October 24, the conservative daily Il Giornale proclaimed in its headline: "Pope says we may be descended from apes." For La Reppublica, the Pope had "made his peace with Darwin". The following day, Le Monde entitled an anonymous editorial: "Darwin rehabilitated by the Church."

[2] Editor’s note: One must emphasize the importance of this testimony. The little phrase is indeed, by itself, almost meaningless. But it was interpreted as going beyond the cautious stance assumed by Pius XII in Humani generis (1950) in which he expressed serious reservations about the evolutionary "hypothesis." "More than a hypothesis" has hardly any intelligible meaning, apart from a theory. Indeed, evolution was already very well-known under the title the "theory" of evolution. Moreover, the letter in question (at least the part written by Fr. Cottier) invokes multiple evolutionist theories, which is a way to relativize them all. A second comment must be made about the disturbing conduct of the Vatican bureaucracy, as the Vatican Secretariat of State itself, which has the duty to write and speak in the Pope's name, indulged in chipping in with a statement [in L'Osservatore Romano] which – what a coincidence! –the enemies of the Church were waiting to take advantage of on the very same day!
Interesting, and fair chance that it's true.  However, the level of documentation is not very reassuring.
(08-14-2012, 08:15 AM)JuniorCouncilor Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting, and fair chance that it's true.  However, the level of documentation is not very reassuring.

Even if the documentation was overwhelming, which it may be, the damage has been done. It has been repeated over and over in the media and once it's there it is almost impossible to remove. It has place in the mind.

Let's try a little experiment to demonstrate the power of positioning in the mind which comes from who got there first. I will say a word, you will say the first thing that comes to your mind.



Soft Drink.

Overnight Delivery.

Petroleum Jelly.

Fast Food.

Your answers will follow in a moment as we take a break and further contemplate this meaningless quote, "more than a hypothesis". I think this is key, because it never really dawned on me in the way it was framed and reported that even if the pope said this, just how devoid of meaning it truly was. For instance it could mean that it is "more than a hypothesis" in the sense that it is mere propaganda. Could it not? Either way here are your answers if you did not cheat or try to be contrary.




Fed Ex.


I'm not too disturbed by the lack of documentation. These smoke and mirrors things go on and on every day every where. The smoke of these lies have saturated the very air we breathe, we take in the smoke every day in and out with each breath. Seeking the truth small "t" we enter the hall of mirrors and distortion shows us exactly what they want.  To me the mere mention of Cardinal Sodano sounds the air raid siren. Unlike the X files the truth is not out there,
it has been hidden by obfuscation, and the only thing which can guide us any more is well formed conscience, the Truth within.

Like a Pro Football team which has had a losing fifty years, it's high time to return to the basics, the drills which only can bring back a winning season. All of the zone blocking and running to light has to return to plays designed where the back hits the hole which has been opened by the interior lineman like in dive 24, the 2 back runs to hole 4 opened by the tackle and the guard. In religious terms pray, pray, pray !

It is the only weapon laymen have, and in times like these God will deliver us if we repent and pray. Save yourself, save your family, save your friends and benefactors, Pray ! Not only are our lives n the balance our immortal souls and those we love re too. Pope Leo's hearing of that conversation between the Lord and Lucifer says it all. This is what comes to my mind;

Domine audivi auditum tuum
et timui consideravi opera tua,
et expavi in medio duorum

Lord, I heard your oracle
and I was afraid; I considered your works
and I trembled in the midst
of the animals.


Another thing which is suspect by all accounts: the assertion that in the 6 May 1980 that he said all men are saved as claimed by some sites.

The following is an email exchange I had with the Vatican archivist for L'Osservatore Romano


Would you please email me, if possible, or provide a link, to the 6 May 1980 edition of the L'osservatore Romano English edition?

I am engaged in a debate wherein I am trying to defend BPJPII and wish to make sure a quote attributed to him is in fact correct.

The quote I am trying to confirm is:

L'Osservatore Romano - May 6, 1980, John Paul II said: "Christ obtained, once and for all, the salvation of man - of each man and of all men."

Thank you,

Jon Horton

In 1980, the English edition of L’Osservatore Romano was published on May 5th and on May 12th (thus not on May 6th!). The Pope’s speeches are available in the Vatican web site .
Best regards.

Valeria Pendenza


Per your last email, where might I find copies of the editions published in May, even though the date claimed doesn't match?

Thank you,
Jon Horton
We can send only photocopies by mail: for May 5th are 20 pp., the cost is 30 euro (with postage); for May 12th are 12 pp. the cost is 22 euro (with postage).
If you want photocopies of May 5th  and May 12th  the cost is 42,00 euro (with postage).
If you want you can buy cd of 1980 at

Best regards

Valeria Pendenza

The funny thing about the quote is it can be taken two ways: duh, or HEREEEREREEEREEESSSYSYSYSYSYSYS ZOMG! froth.
(08-14-2012, 11:50 AM)Adam Wayne Wrote: [ -> ]Let's try a little experiment to demonstrate the power of positioning in the mind which comes from who got there first. I will say a word, you will say the first thing that comes to your mind.




Don't remember what I said, but it had nothing to do with tissue or kleenex.

Quote:Soft Drink.

I think I said "food" on this one.

Quote:Overnight Delivery.

Don't remember.  I think I actually said "archangel."

Quote:Petroleum Jelly.

I'm pretty sure I said "gamma" for this one-- probably because it sounds similar to llama.

Quote:Fast Food.

Don't remember.

Quote:Either way here are your answers if you did not cheat or try to be contrary.

I didn't try to do either, but I did just get off work and my brain is fried.  Also, every "normal" bone in my body has been broken pretty much since birth, so...

I agree with your main point, in any case.  It's just one more Black Legend.
Satan has used the false theory of evolution to undermine the average person's belief in Gods infallible word, it is the foundational error put forth by modernism
Actually  Old Darwin brought the theory with him on the HMS Beagle. His pappy, and grandpappy, had worked on it before him. It's a Masonic notion as both of them were Masons. Though I'm sure they didn't mind if Modernists used it.