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Full Version: Voris on 'Obama and Peasant Catholics'
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Pretty good video, although it seemed to me that Voris was defending the Holy Father with similar arguments that are being used to defend Dolan.  I think Donahue had a point there.
I mentioned the "piety police" and Donohue a week ago.  It's too bad there aren't that many actual "peasant Catholics" anymore. I know of only a hand full.


And so it goes. 

So tell me again why I should give a hoot about the HHS Mandate and supporting the bishops?

Because what I got out of  this Vortex is to let them clean up their own mess. Or, to put it another way, the level of political help they ought to get should be commiserate and in line with the level of actual shepherding they engage in. So that gets us to be about 1% support, now doesn't it? And that my friends, is a very generous figure.

They have managed to turn what passes for Traditional or Conservative Catholicism into a small segment of political activists. Would we ever need a Pro-Life Movement if the bishops did not find it oh so convenient to just let it exist outside their domain? If they themselves did not call a detente? Or in other words make peace with that evil outside the Church. Because that is exactly what has happened. But, if they took a real stand against that evil, well, a lot of people would not like them. Could you imagine that? It makes me want to cry.

Never mind that if they were always engaged in a full-court press on that issue, the average Catholic would have no problem bringing up the subject at cocktail parties or the work place or anywhere we come in contact with society at large. I have no problem doing that now, but I am a fanatic. And I have reached the age where I don't give a hoot about what anyone thinks of me. But it was not always so. And they could have made my entire life a whole lot easier, but alas, they did not.

Must be great to have enemies that the bishops themselves create to play the part of shepherd for a bit. I mean with all this distraction, political and social,  you would almost think the Church did not inherit an eternal enemy around 33 A.D.

So I guess their job description is putting out lots of little fires, that would be the Faithful sending letters and phoning in with complaints, and the occasional big fire. Like the one they have going now.

So what is our job description in all this? Or to put it more bluntly what has the faithful Catholic done to correct this mess the bishops have managed to create here and spread throughout the world? This Americanism. This ridiculous idea of Religious Liberty that must have taken its marching orders from the same spirit that created that best selling book of the early '70s, I'm OK, You're OK?

In my opinion they fall into two camps. One is more political and the other has the guise of spirituality. Both groups are well meaning but misguided and taken advantage of, mocked, and taken for granted.

In one corner you have the "conservative" NO Catholic who attends Saturday Mass and prays a group rosary. And once a month goes down to the killing fields of the abortion clinics after a stop at Dunkin' Donuts. The other group prays for the Conversion of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that Russian Orthodox be converted to the Pope in Rome. The same Pope in Rome who suffers from the Americanist Heresy and the power of the American Bishops because the Church has placed all her eggs in the basket known as America. Like She did in France at one time.

Now I had to put conservative in quotes above, because it is indeed a relative term. Is it not? The goal posts keep moving. So what was liberal just 10 years ago is now the conservative gauntlet. Until time and the same nefarious characters chew out from the inside the new gauntlet and we have to build the damn further downstream. At the current rate of allowing our enemies to gnaw out all that we once held as sacred, conservative will soon mean not allowing a homosexual marriage to be annulled too easily.

So my suggestion, as always is to put away the protest signs and just be Catholic and make the bishops be Catholic as well. Make them get some backbone so that when you talk about non-negotiables your family and friends do not laugh at you. That would be a good start. But, it sounds too hard.

I guess there is more pleasure in some kind of weird combination of piety and masochism that involves "conservative" NO folk looking down on those who don't join them for rosary, donuts, and hanging out where babies are killed and the Fatima folk who want to elevate Lucy and the other two shepherd children to the level of the Apostles.

And we don't need a Bill Donahue to ape Abe Foxman. Another professional Catholic that does the bishops dirty work and defends them when needed. The bishops are the professional Catholics. Or so they are supposed to be. Although if they did their job in a state of grace and with the power of the Gospel, we would not be so crass to label them as professional. They would simply be holy men professing the Faith. Imagine that. Imagine that.

In the meantime, in this Age of the Mass Media, those who control it have managed to capture the souls of almost the entire planet and have replaced the Age of the Mass. We've gone from sowing seeds to broadcasting. You do know that broadcasting is a farming term, right? A broadcaster is used by rich farmers and the Collective or Big Agra farms. It throws seed in all directions. Just like the airwaves permeate in all directions. Planting seeds in people's minds.

Oh well end of rant from Pump Street, where lies and falsehoods are trapped, exposed, and those perpetuating them are hit over the noggin with a halberd.

Oh, yeah, one other small item for  you to consider.

Peasants had a type of freedom that would allow for the occasional rebellion in the form of pitchforks and torches. I see no such freedom now, but I do see a bunch of doddies bent on signing petitions and engaging in other meaningless acts. I guess that is what happens when you become a thoroughly conquered people.

And Michael, I do really love what you do. But, you might want to consider trading in your pencil for one of these.

[Image: Halberd_MORR1913.jpg]

You have an axe to grind, time to trade up for a better weapon.

I would like to know how many members each organizations has (Church Militant vs. Catholic League).