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Full Version: Vatican II: “Have a little patience, fifty years is nothing”
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(08-29-2012, 08:17 AM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]He may be representing current thought on an approach to walk back Bugnini's Mass. The Mass of Paul VI isn't that one. His was the TLM, minus the last gospel, which I believe if I remeber right was to be said in the Sacristy. The other change was the Epistle and Gospel were read in the vernacular from the altar. It also had the '55 change of the second altar server's confiteor. It is celebratedalmost nowhere, but maybe the Brompton Oratory, I've heard.. It was in Latin and all of you would recognize it knowing the TLM as you do. It'd skirt all the questions about the Mass per se as it is very close, and that would give them away to address the other problems without the scandal the Mass could bring.

I would be happy with that.
I'm guessing of course, and I've always thought this would work as a solution saving lots of scandal. Who knows, for sure, especially since there are sooo many ahem factions in Rome.

The VII Mass? Read below.

The key here is that some high-ups are talking this talk, which shows that the tide is changing. It will take a while for the NO to be phased out. If we have a strong Pope, it can be coincided with the single restored Roman Rite, with the implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium in with tradition and organic development of the Mass.
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