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Full Version: fetus used as fishing bait by abortion "doctor"
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[b]Absolutely disgusting.

I see now.........partially one can kill unborn children in order to make a "good living". They have absolutely NO respect for human life. I have heard that said, considering different wars, that the people of the middle eastern countries, the North Koreans, the North Vietnamese, the Germans, etc. had little respect for human life, but now we must face the fact that we are [b]worse.
Here in our prosperous nation, where good food is available & clean water, where great educations can be available, even to the poor.............. through grants & student loans, where more people own their own homes, where over half the nation has two cars & 2 t.v.'s per family,  Planned Parenthood performed OVER 1 MILLION  ABORTIONS IN THE U.S. LAST YEAR.

I think that the first thing an unrepentant abortionist will have to do upon his death........on his way to Hell............... is to  look at ALL of the faces that would have been living children had he not killed them. [/b]
Is this real of fake?
Can't be totally positive.... but this is almost certainly fake.  Notice that "the abortion doc" has a channe; where all he does is post similar  videos.\\

I have a very hard tim ebelieving this video is real
I'm almost certain it's fake too, but he has some pretty twisted video descriptions.  Like this one from the video where he claims he gave one of his nurses a chocolate-covered fetus as a prank (is that funny?):
Youtube Cretin Wrote:As an abortion doctor, Jesus has taught me that we must be able to laugh at our work. Christ has chosen this profession for me, and He helps me make the most of it.
Even if this is fake, to joke about something so heinously evil is beyond vile. It is incredibly sick and putrid.
I'll bet you it's a misguided pro-life person who put these up to try and show that abortion doctors are evil.
No, this is not real but it is sick sick sick!!!!!
(09-08-2012, 01:30 PM)miss_fluffy Wrote: [ -> ]I'll bet you it's a misguided pro-life person who put these up to try and show that abortion doctors are evil.

That was my first instinct too.

Obvious fake.
Wouldn't that make the doctor a cannibal if he ate the fish that ate the foetus?
I have used angles similar to this to get pro-choicers to concede that abortion is wrong.  It only works on very objective scientific thinking types though.  For example:  I referred to the crazy artist who claimed to get pregnant on purpose so that she could take the abortion pill and use the blood in her art work, many times over.  He was obviously repulsed by her activity, but logically speaking, if there's nothing wrong with one abortion, why would it be wrong to undergo many?  At what point does the number of abortions undergone make the abortion a wrong act?  Asking these questions makes a person realize that logically, even one abortion is wrong.

I think the maker of this video was putting forth a similar argument.  If it's not wrong to perform an abortion in the first place, how does using the fetus as bait make the act wrong?
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