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We have had threads before talking about prophecies that involve tanks rolling through Europe, and such. I thought we could bring the topic up again in light of current events.


Are there tanks going through Northern Europe right now? 
(09-15-2012, 09:01 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: [ -> ]Huh?

Are there tanks going through Northern Europe right now? 

Oh no! I didn't mean that. But ggreg has talked about Russian tanks going through Europe going to Italy, where the Pope will have to flee Rome.

There is a prophecy about that. Hopefully Tim will give his 2 cents and James as well.
Russian tanks have gone there in real lifeHuh??

Or, is it that prophecy talks about Russian tanks going to Italy? 
Fr. René Thibaut or Ronald L. Conte Jr?

Sorry, to not be clear. I keep getting interrupted. I mean that it is in a prophecy, not that it already happened.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more time and go through some old posts and post what some others have said.


My guess is based on the Fatima secret the part revealed, and the part Bl. Pope John Paul II
spoke of at Fatima in 2000. It also uses the prophecy of S. Malachi of Armagh, and the 3DD as
I've taken it from reading a couple sources.

I said this some time back. The Mohammedans are the ones to start this conflagration. It will
spread to Europe especially Italy and France. This I think is the war we see in the vision of
Fatima. Peter the Roman will either be a Pope or an Anti-pope, and the last elected by conclave.

Pope Benedict XVI is key. If he Consecrates Russia we are spared. In case you think this
chastisement is spiritual in nature and isn't about the near extinction of the human race,
then read Matt. 24:21,22.

Our Lord says there that for the sake of the elect it will be shortened. In it he uses the word
"flesh" to refer to human bodily life not the soul. He is saying the chastisement will be fore-
shortened or all the elect will be wiped off the face of the earth.

If Pope Benedict XVI does not Consecrate Russia then he is the Bishop in white
not Bl. John Paul II. This is pivotal as this is where Bl. John Paul II's remarks not contained
in the homily at Fatima come to bear.

He said we are in the time of Apocalypse 12:3,4 is now and we are living it. Certain folks have
pushed the notion it is Our Lady in those passages, but old Bibles disagree. It is the Church and
by extension Israel of old. The child brought forth is a saint or a Pope not Jesus. Our Lady is
long out of the baby business as the Prots have said.

The Pope or Saint is brough forth in tribulation and the Dragon sweeps 1/3 of the Cardinals and
Bishops and Priests from heaven. Heaven here means the Church and it's Schism. This is the fork
in the road again. If that Pope Consecrates Russia, it will be too late and he'll flee to the
place prepared for him in the desert/wilderness.

That's a nation which is not Catholic. The reference to the Eagle's wings could refer to America
air lifting that Pope and some Cardinals and Bishops to safety in the US. Back to Rome it could
be the Church splits and the conclave elects an Anti-pope or he is the last one, but either way
The Church splits, and he flees, and is the last elected by conclave.

This is where the 3DD comes and the world for not Consecrating Russia and not doing as Our Lady
said at Fatima will see that war I spoke of escalate to World War III. This is where Christ will
shorten it or even the elect will be killed. Think Walter Miller's Flame Deluge.

The thing about Russia is that nation is mentioned in Gog and Magog and Harmegido. I don't feel
strong on this but  if Russia is consecrated in time,  Putin will defend Christians as he said.
That seems completely opposite from the course he's on, but God can do anything. If Russia is not
Consecrated look out they will sweep through Europe on the side of the Mohammedans and rip Europe to

Mohammedans riding into Portugal on Russian tanks.  Gotcha. 
just remember - all these things are contingent. Remember when the people of Nineveh repented God decided against punishing the city - and God promised Abraham that if he could find just a few good men in Sodom and gommorah he would spare the city - so who knows what our prayers could save?
(09-15-2012, 09:53 PM)GottmitunsAlex Wrote: [ -> ]Fr. René Thibaut or Ronald L. Conte Jr?
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