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Full Version: Secret Files of The Inquisition Documentary Series
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This four part documentary series obviously has a bias against the Catholic Church, its agenda wanting to portray the Church as an oppressive institution throughout the centuries. However, it only served to make me feel nostalgia and admiration for the Church during the Pr-Conciliar  Era, its priests, prelates and inquisitors filled with such impressive zeal. Where is a Pope Paul IV or Pius V when you need one, members of the Holy Inquisition? I  want anyone here scrutinize this documentary if possible, to dissipate the negative attacks on the Church.  Part IV should be of interest considering it covers the Mortara affair. Lastly, this documentary features Archbishop Di Noia, who seems surprisingly orthodox in his defense of the Inquisition, in comparison to his remarks regarding ecumenism of course.




(09-24-2012, 08:09 PM)Christknight104 Wrote: [ -> ]inquisitors filled with such impressive zeal.

I'm doing my best.