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Full Version: The house is on fire....
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...and you can only grab 5 books from your library before getting out (and of course the family has been cared for). Which ones? Mine:

DR Bible-Baronius
1962 Missal-Angelus
Catechism of the Council of Trent (Hardcover)
True Devotion to Mary
Imitation of Christ

1)  Challoners Student Bible
2) Vulgata
3) Monastic Diurnal
4) St. Andrew Missal
5) Baltimore Catechism

Hmm ... books only.


1. 1930 Monastic Breviary
2. 1963 My Catholic Faith catechism
3. Oxford Latin Dictionary
4. Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon
5. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon

Everything else I can buy again with the insurance money.
If I had one......

*grabs kindle with all my books*


1. Rheims
2. 62 Missal
3. True Devotion
4. Summa Theologica of St. Aquinas
5. Catechism of St. Aquinas (if I had it)
The most expensive ones, because in the case of a fire, I probably wouldn't have time to read my Bible or Prayer Books. And the money obtained from reselling the books would be very helpful.

So probably 5 of my most expensive science textbooks, which are ridiculously overpriced, like $150+ each.
1962 Missal
Divine Office
True Devotion to Mary
1963 print of Little Women ( I know, fail.) That book has a lot of sentiment and memories wrapped up in those 500 pages.

All of these are replaceable. It's more the particular copy that I am attached to. Ya know, the notes in the margins, the wear and tear indicating the frequency of use, etc.
As a side note, my house did burn down once. It happend when I was 17. My family had about 5 minutes to grab things, and the first thing I grabbed was my bible. It was a really old one my grandmas mother passed down to her, and she to me.
Insurance never popped into my mind, I saw it as final. I need to drink some beer more often and loosen up.


The house is on fire? I wouldn't worry about the books 'cause they're still packed up in the (detached) garage :P

Seriously, though, if my books were inside, I'd grab my Douay; a big book of nursery rhymes my Dad got me when I was a kid; my Mom's book of Poe's complete works; my Missal; -- gosh, I'm not sure which one from here. I have so MANY books...
(09-25-2012, 11:12 AM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]Insurance never popped into my mind, I saw it as final. I need to drink some beer more often and loosen up.


Don't we all.