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Does anyone here have stories of his own (presumably from before conversion)?  I remember messing around with one when I was around -- oh, probably 12 or so, but I don't remember anything freaky, praise God.  This is one of the stories from Ouija Board Stories from Around the Net. I am wonderhing why this "Zaz" demon didn't want to talk to Sarah. My guess is that Sarah was in a state of grace or had Christ's protection somehow:

When I was 15 years old, someone gave me a Ouija board for my birthday. Up until then, I only had a homemade board. I was absolutely delighted with it- I had played with one as a child and I remembered having great fun with it. I couldn't wait to try it again. All I needed was someone to assist me.

That night I sat in my room, doing nothing, and I glanced over at the board on the bed. I was so impatient! I didn't want to wait to use it tomorrow, when I could ask a friend to help me. I decided to take it out of the box, not intending to actually use it.

When I got it out, I admired the spooky look and sat down with it on my lap in the floor. I picked up the planchette, and placed it on the board. I placed my hands on it, remembering how as a child my young friend and I had used it very often, with good results.

As my hands were on it, I felt a change come over me. I became somber and serious, willing my hands to move. And the board changed - under my hands I felt the planchette gain a heavy weight, almost a magnetic feeling. I stared at it, watching intently. Under my hands I could feel it began to move - and I wasn't moving it on my own. It felt to me as if it were moving all it's own, and it made small circles on the board, over and over. I felt no fear and was instead somewhat exalted that it was working - and by myself! I wasn't aware it would actually work if I used it alone, so I was somewhat amazed at this phenomena. I began to ask questions; and I started getting very clear answers.

Me: Is there a spirit here?

Board: Yes there is a spirit here

Me: How many spirits are there here?

Board: 1

Me: Do you have a name?

Board: Yes my name is ZAZ ( whenever spelling 'Zaz', the planchette would very violently swing to the Z-A-Z letters with great force) Board begins again the small circles.

Me: Hi, Zaz. Thanks for coming.

Zaz: No thank you for inviting me ( this spirit was very coherent, good vocabulary, had a sense of wit and humor - now that I have much more Ouija experience, I know this is rare. I didn't know enough then to note that it was a sign that I was dealing with something powerful, aware, and intelligent. )

Me: Are you a good spirit, Zaz?

Zaz: Yes and No

I was fascinated.

Later I used others to assist me with the board, not because I couldn't use it alone, but because I was proud of Zaz and wanted others to speak to him, too. He would every so often do something rather unusual, like predicting who was calling on the phone, telling me where I lost a piece of jewelry, and answering questions from friends that I didn't know the answers to but could produce using the board by myself - at one particular session I remember clearly a rather frightening experience that for the first time made me realize Zaz was not the most positive of entities.

I invited a friend over to my house to spend the night, and we both sat down to talk to Zaz. It was her first time speaking to him, so she was excited. When we began using the board, at first it wouldn't work at all. I had no idea what was going on. I called for Zaz and it seemed that he was 'there' could feel the force or energy in the planchette. He just didn't want to talk. This puzzled me. I asked him what was wrong. When he acknowledged my question, the planchette VIOLENTLY flew from letter to letter, so much so that we almost couldn't keep our hands on it.

Me: What's wrong, Zaz?
Me: Why not? Are you mad at me?
I was surprised at this, and my friend appeared both angry and upset. I suspect she thought I was somehow causing this.
Me: Why not?
Sarah: Fine! I don't want to talk to you anyway! We'll talk to someone else.
The board came to a stop. I felt an ominous feeling in my nerves, a very uncomfortable tension. We both watched the board for a response. Finally:

The Ouija board session came to a quick halt. My tormented friend became hysterical,ran out of the room, and refused to touch it again. I asked her what the big deal was - and she told me that she WAS afaid of the dark, and no one knew that. And it was a shameful secret that she had..and somehow, Zaz knew her worst fear. I asked him later how he could know her fears, and he said knew a great many things about the 'lives of humans'. I thought it was notable he used the word 'humans', since he seemed to be giving the impression that he was something different and somewhat more advanced.

Over the next six months, Zaz seemed to grow stronger.  I began having strange dreams - tornadoes, windstorms, fires, violent images of wolves, snakes and other creatures, some of which I have never seen anything like in my entire life. In my conversations with Zaz, he said we were growing 'closer' and that he was 'with' me all the time. He told me that one day I wouldn't need the board to talk to him. Instead of considering this rather odd, I thought it was fantastic.
He began to display feats the likes of which I could not possibly duplicate with all the knowledge I have aquired in my entire life. The theory I had that he could be a product of my own mind evaporated when he would tell me things that I couldn't possibly know or comment on something I knew nothing about. He directly told me that he was a 'Demon' but described himself as 'benevolent'- I had to look that word up before I knew what it meant. This impressed me very much, and I began spending huge amounts of time with the board, listening to him, talking to him, and asking him questions about things.

While talking to him one night, I asked him if there was any way that we could be closer, or if I could 'see' him. He asked me to do some things that were very specific - He wanted me to burn an incense with bones in it, then take some of my own blood and 'give it to him'. I did what he told me to do. I burned incense in a bowl with some bone chips in it, ( he requested that when I do this, I 'say outloud' that it was for him) and then proceeded to smear some blood around on a piece of paper with his name on it and burn it, too. These were very detailed instructions he gave to me, and said that this was the 'quickest' way to 'be together'.

After I did this, I felt nervous. I waited for something to happen. Nothing did. We talked a little more, and then I went to bed.

Later that night, at three in the morning, I awoke to the sensation of being totally paralyzed. I was seemingly wide awake, but I couldn't move at all. I could see everything in my room, even though it was dark. I had the sensation of someone standing just behind my head and out of sight beside my bed, but I couldn't move my head to look. I was terrified! My heart was pounding and I was scared, but I couldn't even move a finger. I heard something moving around in my room, and it sounded to me like someone moving between the closet and the head of my bed. I shut my eyes, trying to convince myself I was having a horrible nightmare. I struggled to move, and when I finally was able to move an arm, it seemed like my paralyzation was over. I snapped on the light, looked around, and saw nothing. Then I noticed my closet door was open. THEN I noticed that a jewelry box on my dresser was open. The next day when I asked Zaz about it, he said yes, that was him in my room. He had taken my silver bracelet, ' as an offering '. I never saw my bracelet again, and I knew it was there before this experience. When he said he took it, I believed him.

The end of my story is not really the end - I'm aware of Zaz to this very day. The end of my story is something that caused me to be wary of him, because he had an actual hold over the physical world in such a way that he could cause things to happen.

I had a small statue that I had created for Zaz ( he actually requested this) and at one point when things began to go horribly wrong, I decided to take it to the cemetery and bury it there. It was only one of the ways I was trying to 'seperate' myself from Zaz. I put it in the trunk of my car and my brother and I prepared to leave. When we pulled out onto the road, my headlights for no reason went out on the car. Then they came back on again. My brother looked weirdly at me, already being nervous about the whole thing, since he thought it was bizarre. Has we continued on, all of a sudden we heard a loud SMASHing sound, like that of a man smashing his fist into the trunk lid of my car. I almost drove the car off the side of the car in my surprise. My brother cursed and kept repeating over and over, " How can he be causing that? How is that possible? "

When we finally got to the cemetery after other weirdness on the way, I buried the statue and left. I heard no more from Zaz for the next four years, until I began communicating with him again.

The process I had to go through to protect myself once I had angered Zaz was very long and drawn out and had drastic results. * I would like to point out here that while Zaz himself was a Demon, not all negative spirits you come into contact with are 'Demons'. Chances are, I seriously doubt that.* For other people it might be more difficult for a few reasons:

1. They may be terrified and have no idea how to go about protecting themselves

2. Even the spirit once angered and hostile may lie to you and tell you that 'there is no hope', then double the attacks against you to further despair

3. I have actually seen a hostile spirit go so far as to hurt other people who are trying to help, which further intimidates the one who needs help the most

This may sound unscientific to some people, but I now have reason to believe that spirits can CAUSE sleep paralysis. This is not an outrageous theory to me. Zaz claimed that not only could they cause a wide variety of manifestations, but spirits can cause sickness, mental illness and suicidal thoughts if they so desire and depending on the power of their influence.

Zaz told me himself that all types of spirits, if they so desire, can and do influence depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. He also claimed that people who are thinking of these things on their own can attract 'like' negative entities who are drawn to that very negative energy. Many magick spells that request spirits, demons or Gods to bring about fortune, prosperity and happiness can affect 'positive' mental thinking in the magician or individual, thus bringing about the required effects. Some people attribute this 'mental euphoria' to the influence of positive spirits, while others believe it may be a product of the subconscious. Either way, spirits can create negative and positive emotions, feeings, or changes. Scientists will discount this, but in my personal experience I have seen things that have convinced me otherwise.

I have heard of ancestral curses. I also believe in them. Because I believe in the power of spirits and demons, I believe in Their powers to torment, curse, or otherwise affect physical changes in the world and against people.

..The last time that I spoke to Zaz, we were talking about his long absences, which he explained to me were to him really no time at all. He said our perceptions of time didn't apply to spirits in the same way, and that " the entire lifespan of one person is 'but a season' to Us'."

He also told me a bizarre tale about how when wars, global catastrophes and such on earth kick into high gear, both the higher and 'lower' spirits ( meaning negative entities) increase their numbers on the Earth, and try to influence people of power (presidents, religious leaders, revolutionaries) or cause events, and that "every day a spiritual battle is taking place", and even though we couldn't see it, "Wars in the heavens"( which I take to mean in our skies and around the Earth) are being fought.

During the course of the time I came to 'know' Zaz, I asked him questions about everything I could think of. I asked him about Heaven, I asked him if there was really a Hell. One thing he told me about Hell that was interesting was that people created their own Hells. I took that to mean that all the guilt, the fears and bad feelings you have on earth or committed on earth followed you into your Hell. He claimed that your life on earth is a progression of the spririt mostly, having little or nothing to do with the physical body, which he always referred to as the vessel or 'anchor'. He said that even the SMALLEST thing you do on earth, whether it be the smallest kindness, or the most insignificant bad thing you did made a difference where you would end up when you died. He DID say reincarnation existed.

In the beginning, I used the Ouija Board and planchette. Talking to the spirits in this manner WAS a tedious long process, because their spelling was so atrocious and they spelled so slowly. Zaz, on the other hand, had a better vocabulary than I did at the time I met him, and also he spelled very, very quickly. Later, I dreamed about him and could actually hear him. Mostly, I stuck with the Ouija board. One thing I DID see Zaz doing was revealing things about people that were 'secrets'. He sometimes knew people's worst fears. He would 'tell' on people when they were lying. This was something that he was very good at.

One thing I remember of  the aftereffects of me 'talking' to Zaz was serious sleep disturbances: False awakening, sleep-walking, nightmares, etc. You may have a negative spirit around yourself if you are experiencing these unpleasant sensations. And it won't matter how long you wait to use the board, whether it's days or years - THEY don't have the sense of time we do, and they'll still be there on the board when you pick it up again.

I know that paranormal activity can take place at any hour, but I noticed that it escalates at night, and a lot of REALLY negative experiences take place around three in the morning. I've seriously read hundreds of stories about people who say the same thing over and over again - they had a scary experience, and it happened around three, or they 'woke up' at three, etc. I used to think that midnight was the witching hour, but now I believe differently. From dark until dawn, the spirits are active. For some reason, during storms they are especially active, even in the daytime.

I think spirits manifest more at night because it's much, much easier to do for them. It takes a very strong spirit to manifest at all, much less in the daylight, which I've never seen. I also believe that 'false light' ( indoor lighting) makes it difficult for them to do anything. If you read stories of poltergeist hauntings and demonic infestations, you'll hear the same phrase over and over again - " As soon as the light was off, it started all over again. Whenever we turned on the lights, it would stop." I know from my own experiences that:

1. When I angered Zaz the first time, one of his favorite scare tactics was to cause serious sleep disturbances. Sleep paralysis, false awakening, nightmares, sleep walking - I experienced all these things. UNLESS I TURNED ON THE LIGHTS. If I kept the lights on, it decreased all these things dramatically. And I don't even mean a lot of lights, just a lamp, or something.

2. When I got brave and tried to sleep in the dark, everything would start back up - I kept hearing stealthy noises in my room, not anything dramatic, but just enough noise to annoy me... one of his favorite things to do would be wait until I was almost asleep, then run into my bed. I don't mean shaking the bed, like something out of the Exorcist, but just gently running into it - like someone was walking across the room and hit it with their leg. When I kept the lights on, this NEVER happened.

3. One weird thing I noticed that people who are beginning to be under spirit attack do - have you ever heard someone say, or maybe read that someone reported, " I started to be afraid for no reason? " I believe this is the human instinct kicking in, in the presence of something supernatural. When Zaz first came around, I started to experience that whenever I was alone at night, at least until I started talking to him and I relaxed a little.

On to the next weird thing I've noticed: I've been noticing a disturbing pattern where people go from using the Ouija Board, to trying Automatic Writing, then one day they wake up and hear a voice IN THEIR HEAD. This sounds absolutely horrific to me. I posted in a different place that for people who are having a negative effect with the Ouija Board, AVOID AUTOMATIC WRITING. You are slowly lowering your own Will and subjecting yourself to a spirit's power. There are hundreds of people who tells stories of this. They all sound the same to me, same pattern. " I was using the Ouija Board, decided to try Automatic Writing, and then one day, I started to hear a voice shouting at me.."...I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than to be hearing spirit voices in your head, sounding just as real as a person talking to you, voices that NEVER STOP TALKING.

The only 'rules' I was told about was one bizarre rule ( or so it seemed to me at the time) about how spirits are not allowed to 'show themselves' to all of the world. ( meaning a spirit can reveal itself to an individual or perhaps a small group, but is not allowed to give an interview on national TV.) I asked why this was, and I was told it was because ' the world' will have to work through their own spiritual paths by faith, and not because a spirit will appear and explain everything. I still don't understand that completely, but I still don't understand a lot of what I was told.

He also claimed MOST spirits cannot affect physical things ( and good thing, because if all spirits could go around affecting the physical world like they wished they could, this entire world would be in utter chaos), and are not allowed to directly harm someone, only indirectly. ( meaning a spirit shouldn't be able to pick up a knife and attack you, but may be allowed to drive you to suicide by making you miserable.)  False awakening is a disturbing feeling that scared me. It poses no danger to your soul or well-being ( other than that it's frightening).

1.When Zaz would arrive, or be 'lurking around' I would begin to feel cold. Not like cold chills, but cold all the way to my bones. The only thing I've ever felt like that was when I had the Flu and the cold seemed to be going all the way into my bones and chilling me 'to the bone'. I know what that saying actually means now.

2. Sleep disturbances - My sleep was MESSED UP. Not long after I 'met' Zaz, I started sleep walking, experiencing false awakening, jerking up out of a solid sleep for no reason ( When I woke up like this, I often felt like someone shouted at me in my sleep, or had shoved me)

3. I began to have VIVID, very real dreams. I've had prophetic dreams all my life, and I lucid dream often. But these dreams were almost like having out of body experiences. In some of these dreams, I started seeing a man, usually in the distance, either waving at me or just looking at me. I have no idea who this person is and I still dream about him now.

4. In these dreams, one night after using the Ouija Board for what seemed like hours, a different person appeared in one of my dreams. It was also a 'man.' However, this man was Zaz. Whenever I would see Zaz in my dreams, I would get the same overwhelming feeling of near terror, although I was more exhilerated than terrified. Although in my dreams he looked like a man, his eyes did not look human at all. Also, in these dreams you would 'sense' words and feelings to the point of it felt like his name was reverberating through my head, and often when I would talk to him I would 'hear' the answer in my head, instead of him talking to me. Whenever I saw him, there was no doubt it was him.

A very FANTASTIC thing about this is I've seen him appear as different people. He changes faces and appearances and one time made me laugh when he referred to these different bodies as 'suits.' I also remember him referring to bodies as 'vessels' or 'anchors', although he only said this when he was referring to people.

4. I've only 'heard' Zaz a handful of times..the first time I heard him, all I heard was a growling sound in my ear, which was VERY disturbing and sounded VERY real.  The most recent time I heard him, he sounded like a man, although his voice sounded strange, as if it were coming over a crackly radio or telephone. I also heard him impersonate the voice of my dead great-grandmother, and let me tell you, that was utterly horrifying. I thought it was her, when it was revealed to me it was actually him.

I've also held short conversation with him in dream-states. Zaz once told me that EVERYONE is capable of channeling in their sleep, that it's easiest because the 'vessel' doesn't interfere with the link of minds. These are the words he used, which made sense to me and still do.

5. When you said 'sense the evil', I could, in a way. Every single time I 'saw' him, or he was lurking around, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of terrible power. I became very sensitive over time to his presence, and anyone is capable of this. It's not very different from the feeling you get before a powerful lightening storm, and indeed alot of the manifestations seemed to be 'electric' in some way. One of the manifestations I saw that was the most extreme almost reminded me of ball lightening, although at the time it occurred, weather conditions would have made that impossible.

I believe that the best barrier to protect yourself against spirits is more of a method: The only spirits you need to bother to protect yourself from are negative spirits. And because of this, there are certain things that repel negative spirits. Spirits are drawn to your aura, your lifeforce and will try to attach themselves to you if they can. It helps to be in good health ( good health, strong aura) and keep a positive mental state about you. Also, if you are religious, use the power in your beliefs to repel these unpleasent spirits away from you.

Wear your rosary, say your prayers, annoint yourself with olive oil..sacred objects such as the rosary, the cross, or whatever appeals to you hold positive energies and empower you over negative spirits. If you meditate, visualize a bright light around yourself..imagine that it gives off a beautiful bright light, and is a strong barrier around your entire body. This visualization strengthens the aura and help you become harder to approach. I know for a fact one way that negative entities 'get in' to our bodies has something to do with the aura around us.

Im referring to the bioelectric field of energy around all living things and some non-living things on earth) to resist spirits, which are nothing but huge masses of energy trying to interact with your own energy( meaning bioelectric fields) around your physical body. It is in this way that spirits can cause sickness, depression, etc. I know for sure one thing I discovered in my research; Entities who were trying to attack people or actually speak to them 'in their heads' were somehow 'gaining entry' first and foremost through the bioelectric field in the body, which gives you some sort of natural defense or 'wall' against them.

These things are not supported by any other proof than that I've read thousands of reports, hours of stories and had at least one spirit tell me that the way 'In' was 'Through the Aura'. I used to think the Aura was something that hippies made up to talk about your soul. Then I found out it's an actual scientific fact that you have a field of energy around your entire body. This is where I believe spirits have to physically attack you first.

Note: Recurring dreams of haunted houses are also something I dream about. Usually different houses, same thing - I walk through them, and the air is thick with spirits. Some of these houses give me a very, very bad feeling. I actually believe that some of them may be real places, but I cannot be sure without proof. I don't know why I feel this way, it's just something I feel strongly.

He did say one thing I recognized. The entities that go around at night scaring people, who give the appearance of 'shadow people', are not positive spirits. They feed off fear or pain, and they often catch you in sleep paralysis and like to sit on, push down on, or pull on people. One thing I can tell you, these kinds of spirits hate light. If you're beginning to suffer from sleep deprivation, turn a light on. (seriously.)I was told that wells, caves, abandoned houses, hospitals, and places in the wilderness like forests and deserts were 'special' to them. Sometimes a Demon or spirit that comes from a well is called an 'Undine'. This means 'spirit of the water' or 'Demon of the Water'.

  Zaz related a bizarre piece of information to me about something I had done when I was like three years old that I had no idea about. I asked my Father about it, and he said it actually happened. I asked Zaz how HE could know about it ( which was actually a stupid question, since clearly he had Divine knowledge of even subtle matters), but when he responded he told me that everything we did was indeed 'recorded' in a fashion and could be reviewed. Needless to say, that freaked me out. He also said rather than these life memories being 'written down' they are recorded in such a way as they can be 'relived' ( anyone who is confused by this, remember any story you've ever read about someone saying ' It was like my life passed before my eyes, and I saw everything more like 'watching' an account of your life, rathering than 'reading it'.)

Zaz told me there are indeed other astral planes, and he was the first to tell me, before I ever read or heard about it, than often when we sleep we actually go to these places. I asked if that was the only time we went - and he said no, others also went. People asleep could go, people under anethesia, and coma victims. Apparently when you 'mute' the body, the spirit/mind will travel. He claimed that some people in coma's were actually moving around, here and in other planes, because of their 'vessel' being damaged and unable to 'transmit' ( I think it's weird he used a word like 'trasmit', which is actually really appropriate) the soul and personality of the spirit 'through it'. I'm quoting his words here so you get the jist of our actual conversations, which were long and drawn out. Luckily for me, he was an excellent channel and could spell very quickly.I asked, one time, if there was such a thing as aliens - Zaz told me there were whole 'other worlds'.

One time I was talking to Zaz about a place in the afterlife he called a 'vacume' or 'Darkness'..that there was no light there, and countless people caught up. Zaz offered to 'show me' this place or 'take me there'...needless to say, I was like, " Noooooo, thanks. I believe you."
I was involved in something similar when I was younger - not with a (an?) ouija board, but a pendulum. A bunch of us would run down to the valley behind school (we must have been 15 or so) and we would use the pendulum to communicate with spiritual entities. Things would magically "appear" wherever the pendulum said they would, most impressively sometimes buried under soil, or lost in the valley stream. We'd predict things that would come true (random things, vague but still accurate enough to give pause for thought). We also took to chanting together, nonsensical syllables, and our voices would meet in a crescendo. It was all fun and games.

But somewhere mixed into it all, certain members of the group started to enjoy the power this gave them. The pendulum readings, the ability to read peoples minds... it took on a life of its own. We became very involved in the way it took us out of ourselves, brightened the day almost - it was something different. It was also a great way to show off, feel special, and freak people out.

Obviously it was mostly fake. More gullible members of the group were being led down the garden path. Pendulums move, but it's not a spirit that's moving the weight - and magically appearing objects can be revealed by cunning sleight of hand. Mind reading is a simple parlor trick when you've got it sussed, and an audience that's eager to believe.

Basically my brush with the "occult" in a practical sense (and not a theoretical sense, which is another story) was more about human psychology than paranormal intervention. We were kids who wanted to be different and this was the way we found to do that - we'd watched too much Charmed (it was a big show when I was growing up) and we were immersed in a Catholic culture that sortakinda believed in the supernatural, but hid behind a veneer of respectable disinterest.

The upshot of it all was fractured friendships, lost trust, and a sense of being duped on the one hand, and shame on the other. Some of us felt they'd had a special sense of the world suddenly come crashing down around them, and others realised that they were no better than liars - real frauds. Kids being kids is one thing, but pinpointing people's sensitivity and turning it to your advantage is quite a sinister talent.

I think a lot of the more practical, group-oriented occult experiences fall into this category. Perhaps not so stark as knowing participants duping the rest, but if everyone reaches the same fever pitch of involvement, and craves the special world they think is being denied them, who knows what can happen. I'm not saying that Satan doesn't make good use of this doorway - but why bother with demons when we're more than capable of twisting ourselves out of shape, and turning away from God? Confronting an intimate impulse to self-deception, in all its shapes and forms (from parading my own greatness to reveling in abject self-loathing) is one of the biggest stumbling blocks these days, I think.

We're encouraged to be self-aware and self-analytical, and the temptation to do that at the expense of the outside world can be quite seductive. Nobody else matters, and everything revolves around me. I think that the first step on my journey to Christ was really believing that other people matter in a profound and transforming way.
(09-27-2012, 06:53 PM)loggats Wrote: [ -> ]We're encouraged to be self-aware and self-analytical, and the temptation to do that at the expense of the outside world can be quite seductive. Nobody else matters, and everything revolves around me. I think that the first step on my journey to Christ was really believing that other people matter in a profound and transforming way.

That is a very, very interesting thing to say. It reminds me of Ste. Therese's little "awakening" at Christimas time when she was a kid. From her "Story of a Soul":

I  was far from meriting all the graces which Our Lord showered on me. I had a constant and ardent desire to advance in virtue, but often my actions were spoilt by imperfections. My extreme sensitiveness made me almost unbearable. All arguments were useless. I simply could not correct myself of this miserable fault. How, then, could I hope soon to be admitted to the Carmel? A miracle on a small scale was needed to give me strength of character all at once, and God worked this long-desired miracle on Christmas Day, 1886.

On that blessed night the sweet Infant Jesus, scarce an hour old, filled the darkness of my soul with floods of light. By becoming weak and little, for love of me, He made me strong and brave; He put His own weapons into my hands, so that I went from victory to victory, beginning, if I may say so, "to run as a giant." The fountain of my tears was dried up, and from that time they flowed neither easily nor often.

Now I will tell you, dear Mother, how I received this inestimable grace of complete conversion. I knew that when we reached home after Midnight Mass I should find my shoes in the chimney-corner, filled with presents, just as when I was a little child, which proves that my sisters still treated me as a baby. Papa, too, liked to watch my enjoyment and hear my cries of delight at each fresh surprise that came from the magic shoes, and his pleasure added to mine. But the time had come when Our Lord wished to free me from childhood's failings, and even withdraw me from its innocent pleasures. On this occasion, instead of indulging me as he generally did, Papa seemed vexed, and on my way upstairs I heard him say: "Really all this is too babyish for a big girl like Thérèse, and I hope it is the last year it will happen." His words cut me to the quick. Céline, knowing how sensitive I was, whispered: "Don't go downstairs just yet—wait a little, you would cry too much if you looked at your presents before Papa." But Thérèse was no longer the same—Jesus had changed her heart.

Choking back my tears, I ran down to the dining-room, and, though my heart beat fast, I picked up my shoes, and gaily pulled out all the things, looking as happy as a queen. Papa laughed, and did not show any trace of displeasure, and Céline thought she must be dreaming. But happily it was a reality; little Thérèse had regained, once for all, the strength of mind which she had lost at the age of four and a half.

On this night of grace, the third period of my life began—the most beautiful of all, the one most filled with heavenly favours. In an instant Our Lord, satisfied with my good will, accomplished the work I had not been able to do during all these years. Like the Apostle I could say: "Master, we have laboured all night, and have taken nothing."

More merciful to me even than to His beloved disciples, Our Lord Himself took the net, cast it, and drew it out full of fishes. He made me a fisher of men. Love and a spirit of self-forgetfulness took possession of me, and from that time I was perfectly happy.
My mother messed with the ouji bored when she was younger and it told her all sorts of things that would happen to me which is scary because I hadn't been born yet
Creepy, very creepy. I got really uncomfortable reading the parts about her sleep because I've experienced many of the things she talked about at night, and I always believed those experiences to be demonic. Some of my experiences were truly terrifying and recalling them makes my stomach turn. I've never done anything with an ouija board, though. Since becoming Catholic I haven't had any of those problems.

It kind of seems like this lady believed everything this demon told her. Like "he DID say reincarnation was true." She'd have to be crazy to believe a demon, seemings how their leader is the Father of Lies.
Suffice it to say I have a very strong and good guardian angel who protected me through so much foolishness in my youth. We used to play games like seances and levitations and games that teach you how to invite helper spirits and the like. Somehow I think my guardian angel defended me the whole time. I remember cleaning out the barn and throwing out a satanic bible some neighbor kid left there, some beer bottles etc. Never be afraid. The good Lord takes care of children and idiots both. He loves us so.
I have no personal experience with ouija boards, however, I did have an indirect run-in with them.

Before I came home to the Church, I was an atheist and partied a lot. I was on spring break on the Gulf Coast with some friends one year. Of course, we all drank copious amounts of booze. One of the nights my friend began screaming wildly in the middle of the night, after we had all gone to bed.

"Ouija board! It's a lie! It's a G--damn lie!" he shouted, loud enough that the rest of us woke up. He continued: "Oui -- LIE! -ja -- LIE! Board -- LIE! It's all a LIE!" This continued for a couple minutes, then back to utter silence.

We asked him about this in the morning, and he had absolutely no memory of the incident. We asked him if he had ever used a ouija board, and his only response was, "No, not really." To this day I have no idea what actually happened to him, but it really scared me. I still cringe when I hear the words "ouija board."

I used to mess with the Ouija a lot when I was younger, along with other occult type stuff.

I have had several creepy experiences. Nothing worthy of Hollywood, but creepy  nonetheless.

This stuff is very dangerous. I will never allow one to enter my home.
I have difficulty believing that the metaphysical laws are broken very often.

If stuff was moving by itself, then there would be extremely creepy and hard to explain videos on YouTube. But there are none.
Once my sister and I were playing around with the Ouija board and my brother passed by and said, "Ask it when I'm going to die." Even though I was cynical at the time (both regarding Ouija and my Catholic religion) I was so unnerved at the question that I scolded him and immediately tossed the board aside. The next day he fell off a very high cliff while hiking and ended up in a body cast. None of us ever touched the Ouija again. True story.
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