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Full Version: Perfectae Caritatis
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I think that the Sons of St Alphonsus on Papa Stronskay are the personification of this document. I wish them well
This is also the relevant document that the CDF is using for the reform of the LCWR.
The president of India's episcopal conference issued a call to religous orders to return to their missionary roots.
"In my country, India, time and again I have seen the power of the Gospel at work among Christians and non Christians alike," said Cardinal Telespore Toppo of Ranchi. "I would like to make a humble appeal to the religous orders to become missionary again! In the history of evangeiization, all the religous orders led by the Holy Spirit have done outstanding and marvelous work."
"Can we say the same of the Religous congregagtions today?" he added. "could it be that they have begun working like multinationals, doing very good and necessary work to meet the material needs of humanity, but have forgotten that the primary purpose of their founding was to bring the kerygma, the Gospel, to a lost world?"
The aim of the Missionaries of Charity's apostolate is "to bring souls to God and God to souls," the order's superior general emphasized during an October 26 intervention.
"Our Mother theresa is known for the work done for the poor, said Sister Mary Prema Pierick, MC. "Not all are immediatly aware of the aim of our work, that is 'to bring souls to God and God to souls' When asked by the Minister of Social Worrk about the difference between his work and her work, she responded, You  do it for something, we do it for Someone.'"
Archbishop Sartain had an open and cordial discussion with the leaders of the Leadership of Women Religous. We will see what happens.
To read this article you would think that the visitation of American nuns this past couple of years just came out of the blue. In the meantime most observers were asking themselvevs, "What took htem so long?"