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Full Version: Anti Christian Graffiti
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Vandals sprayed graffiti insulting to Jesus on the walls of a Franciscan convent on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, echoing a similar attack last month and drawing renewed condemnation from Catholis leaders.
The Assembly of Catholic ordinaries of the Holy Land, a group of the region's leading Catholic bishops, voiced "full fraternal support and prayer" for the Fransicans and the Christian community in the Holy land, following the last attack.
The Hebrew language graffiti was discovered early on October 2 on the convent of St Francis, adjacent to the Cenacle complex, which is traditionally regarded as the location of the last Supper.
The graffiti derided Jesus and used the phrase "price tag" a term Israeli extremists use for revenge attacks on Palistinians and Arabs. The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land posted photos of hte vandalism on its website, under the title "Once again..."