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Full Version: Italian church to be stripped of tax exemption from 2013
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It's just a matter of time before this starts occurring everywhere.

The Italian Catholic Church will be stripped of an historic tax exemption from 2013 after the government upheld a divisive decree under close scrutiny from EU watchdogs.

The Church currently pays tax on several properties it owns that are commercial enterprises but is exempt if at least some of the activities on the property are "non-commercial" - for example a chapel in a hotel.

"The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 - the start of the fiscal year - and will fully respect the (European) Community law," Prime Minister Mario Monti's government said in a statement late Tuesday.

In February, the government had amended Italy's property tax law to end the Church's privileges amid rising calls for the Vatican to share in debt crisis sacrifices and in the face of intense scrutiny from the European Commission.

On Monday the Council of State, Italy's highest ranking court for administrative litigation, rejected the decree. But the government insisted everyone would pay property tax, Church included.

In 2010 the EU opened an investigation into whether tax breaks enjoyed by some Church properties in Italy could be classed as illegal state aid.

The extra revenue from these exempt properties - including hotels, restaurants and sports centres - could be €25.5m a year in Rome alone, La Repubblica daily reported, citing official figures.
How sad. The masonic government is getting greedy.
How does this happen in a country where 25-30% of the population are practicing Catholics?
Oh, the EU...
(10-12-2012, 02:04 AM)Aragon Wrote: [ -> ]How does this happen in a country where 25-30% of the population are practicing Catholics?

The number who actually take the Faith seriously is probably 15% tops.
The EU and Masonry from it's start was to supplant the SUPERNATURAL RELIGION (THE CATHOLIC CHURCH)  with an atheistic man made NATURAL RELIGION, getting tax dollars from their enemy was to be expected.