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Full Version: Oct. 11th Posadas Argentina
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You may have seen video from these encounters before but this one is the latest. These young Catholics defend the Cathedral against the loony feminists.
It's fifteen minutes long, and I'd suggest saying a quick rosary as you watch.


The article from Life Site News;

POSADAS, Argentina, October 11, 2012, ( - Angry, pro-abortion feminists mocked, spat on, and spray-painted Catholics who were standing guard in front of the cathedral of the Diocese of Posadas in Argentina on Saturday, an event that was caught on video by professional journalists and placed on YouTube and other media.
How evil.  Will offer Rosary in reparation this evening.

I find this detail from the article particularly confounding:

"Although the destructive behavior of participants in Argentina’s annual National Women’s Encounter is well known, [Bishop of Posadas] Martínez had inexplicably asked the police not to place barriers nor to guard the cathedral, which was on the planned route of the feminists’ march through the city."

This shouldn't shock anyone. Traditionally Catholic, non-European countries (Latin American, Philippines, etc.) are just as infected with liberalism, modernism, and feminism as the West. The extent may not be as bad, but it's still there.
I think it is being wise. Let the feminists abuse these Catholics and get public opinion on their side.

I think they should take a second look at what Eva Peron had to say about authentic feminism.