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Full Version: Fr. John Corapi
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(11-15-2012, 12:15 PM)Joshua Wrote: [ -> ]Your idolatrous fixation on Fr. Corapi (and the resulting belligerence and hostility spewed towards anyone who criticizes him) is all that has perpetuated this bloated thread. Get help, Gerard. Fast.

I have only responded to comments freely put up on this thread. If you don't like it, don't put up comments.  Trying to focus your attack on me is an obvious dodge.  You've lost your argument (full of belligerance and hostility by the way) about Corapi and that's that.  Now, you've shifted targets and it's obvious for all to see. 

If you think you've got something to prove your point, quote me.  Show me the "idolatrous" posts I've made. 

Since you think I need "help" and "fast."  I can't think of a faster and better expert than my accuser.  So, by all means, have at it and present your case that supports your diagnosis.  It will be an act of charity if you're on the side of truth. 

I mentioned this in the "3 fishies you'd like to meet" thread: Gerard's display of relentless defence of a friend has been something here.  I quite admire it.  Anybody can be a friend when all goes well, but only a true friend puts his back up against the wall for you when he doesn't have to. [How does that go again? A friend helps you move.  A true friend helps you move a body.]

His opponents could post a video of Fr. biting the heads off kittens and Gerard would be right in there - deflecting and defending for his friend (e.g., "Those are not kittens, they're called familiars and are demonically possessed agents used to lure souls away; he was destroying them according to the approved Ambrosian Rite of Exorcism - at great danger to himself.  You are an ungrateful, ignorant, uncharitable axe-grinder trying to impeach his good name").  This is a rare quality, and one demanded generally of partners in tough policing situations:

Bad partner:  Buries you to settle old score (e.g., "I told him not to do it, but he wouldn't listen")
Typical partner:  Didn't see anything one way or the other; was busy "making up his book" (i.e. writing notes in police issue memo book). [cuts you loose, lets you sink or swin on your own, while saving his own a$$]
Good partner:  It happened just the way his partner said it did.  Whatever that was.  Want me to sign something to lock me into that for court?
Awesome partner:  I did it, not him.  I dropped my partner off at the station an hour before.  He wasn't even there. 
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